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Heart Attacks & Hospitalization in CA

Posted Jun 16 2011 12:00am

A report released by OSHPD on heart attacks & hospitalization in CA reviews trends over 20 years. Some of the highlights (mostly related to the hospitalizations) for me include:

  • State populations increased by 35% during same time period.
  • Number of hospitalizations for acute heart attack increased by 15%, but the rate per 1000 people declined by 15%
  • Hospitalization rate declined for people under age 70
  • Hospitalizations increased 27% for females and 7% for males, but rates per 1000 people decreased by 6% and 20%,respectively (need to work on the ladies)
  • % of patients with another condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, doubled from 20% to 40% (this is a big and increasing problem)
  • In-hospital mortality rate was 15% in 1988, but fell by 2008 to 13%.  Overall in-hospital mortality rate is 2%. (the opportunity for improvement continues)
  • In-hospital mortality rate increased for patients in the 60s and younger. (this isn't good and I think is linked to the increase in other conditions and obesity)
  • Increase in admissions through the ER from 66% to 74% (importance of cardiology call coverage increases)

OSHPD reports that about half of the decline may be due to improvements in "revascularization" and new medications to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels  Another 40% is attributed to decreases in risk behaviors, such as smoking.  However, half of the benefit from decreases in risk behavior is being offset by rising rates  of obesity and diabetes.

Part I: Trends in Utilization and Resources  and  Part II: Trends in Heart Attack Hospitalizations  

It is frustrating to see improvements in one area being wiped out by something else.  I really think it comes down to educating young people on the importance of healthy behaviors and reducing obesity.

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