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Healthy Skin: Sensitive Skin Part 3

Posted Mar 03 2011 3:07pm

Today’s topic is smart sampling.  If you missed part 1 or part 2 of my sensitive skin series go ahead and get caught up!

The first thing you need to know about sampling, is that a tiny little sample is not going solve all of your skin problems.  You need some time to allow a product to work, not just one or two applications.  However, sampling is still useful.  What the sample will do is two things:

  1. Tell you if you like the texture of a product
  2. Allow you test it for a reaction

How do you get a skincare sample?

Easy – just ask.  But please allow me to say this, on behalf of all consultants, specialists, and estheticians everywhere – don’t just walk into a store and ask “do you have any samples?”  Taking any old sample home won’t do you any good.  Ask for something specific, for example you could say “I have dry skin and am looking for a new moisturizer, my skin is very sensitive so do you have any samples I could take home to try?”  If they have some, believe me they’re going to give them to you.  Another tip – ask about the return policy.  If you have sensitive skin and you aren’t able to get a sample, ask if you can bring the product back if you have a reaction to it.

What to do when you get the product home

Do not slather that thing all over your face.  That night, before bed, put a tiny amount of the product in the inside of your elbow.  Cover it with a band-aid and go to sleep.  In the morning check to see if you’ve reacted with any redness or a rash.  If so, it’s likely not something you want on your face.  If all is clear – wait again until night time and try the product as directed on your face.  Don’t try it in the morning.  Your arm is not your face and you still want to be careful, no one wants to leave for their day with a red face.

What are your tips for testing out products?

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