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Healthy Red Velvet Pancakes & Cupcakes for Valentines Day!

Posted Feb 12 2013 5:41am

red velvet pancake stack

Hey POPsters!!!

Happy Pancake Day! What a fabulous day, yes?

Today I urge you to either try the banana pancakes or this super moist and nutritious Red Velvet Pancake recipe I created just a few hours ago.

cassey beet cupcakes red velvet

Made a complete mess in the kitch!

red velvet mess

Oh and guess what! It’s almost Valentine’s Day too! Are you excited? Who has a sweetie pie to snuggle with? Who’s celebrating Singles Awareness Day the day after? (No, seriously.)

After posting my cranberry salad video, I got a ton of comments asking for a V day recipe. So I did a TON of research and decided whatever I made had to be red and it had to be in the shape of a heart.

Lucky for me, I had already gotten a heart baking pan the week before! Now the red…

Well, it turns out that red velvet is a popular thing to eat around V day. So! I googled a ton of recipes for inspiration. I also got a dose of history class. Did you know that during World War II when foods were rationed, bakers used boiled beet juice to enhance the look of their cakes? Pureed beets in the batter also served to retain moisture! Amazing. I had no idea. But I was so happy that I wouldn’t have to use any artificial food coloring in this recipe! That’s so Blogilates.

So here’s my recipe for red velvet pancakes and cupcakes (it’s the same batter).

NATURAL Red Velvet Cupcakes ‘n Pancakes with Healthy Cream Cheese Frosting!

INGREDIENTS (6 cupcakes and 10 mini pancakes)
- 1 cup oats
- 1 ripe banana
- 1 cup almond milk
- 1 steamed beet
- 1 TBSP pure vanilla extract
- 1 TBSP ground flax seed
- 2 TBSP baking powder
- pinch of salt
- a squeeze of lemon

red velvet batter

Look how radiant that red is! Amazing. ALL NATURAL.


- 4 oz of 1/3 less fat Cream Cheese
- 1 TBSP of nonfat plain greek yogurt
- 1 tsp of honey
- drops of natural beet juice to desired color of pink
- dash of psyllium husk to thicken (optional)

beet frosting


Same as above but add a dash of almond milk to make it more liquidy! Or if you want the consistency to be more ooey gooey add another tsp of honey!


- Grab a fresh beet. Chop off the head and tail. Wash the skin thoroughly! You need to scrub it to get the dirt off.
- Then place it in a small bowl filled with a couple TBSP of water. Cover with saran wrap. Then microwave for about 5 min or until soft enough to puree.
- Now! Place the beet in a blender, squeeze some lemon (to preserve radiant red color) and turn it into a soft puree. If you are having difficulty mixing, feel free to add a tiny bit of water.

beet puree

- Mix the beet puree with all of your other ingredients in the blender!

red velvet batter

- Spray your muffin tin with some cooking oil, then pour it in!
- Bake at 350F for about 15 min or until the center is no longer sticky when you dip a toothpick down it.

cupcake top

- Let them cool! I put them in the freezer for about 15 min.


- Then spoon your frostings into ziplock baggies, cut a small hole at the end of a corner, and go decorating crazy!

red velvet cupcakes


red velvet cupcakes

Me wants one now.


- Use the same batter. Just spray your griddle with cooking oil then pour it on, flip, and bam you’re done!

red velvet pancakes

- Drizzle with the cream cheese drizzle recipe.

You’ll notice that I didn’t add any cocoa powder in here but that’s only because I can’t eat chocolate. Quick Cassey-factoid recap – my tastebuds are so sensitive that all chocolate tastes extremely bitter like medicine to me. But feel free to add it in if you feel like it’ll give you a richer taste.

These came out moist and OMG wonderful. They were perfect, delicious, and ahhhhhh…just makes you wanna sigh. I found that the banana was just enough sweetness for me. But if you need more, just add some honey into the batter or a tsp of Stevia.

TIP: Oh and wear an apron and maybe gloves. Beet juice stains. Have a ton of paper towels around!

Have fun and please tweet, facebook, or insta me @Blogilates and use #blogilates. Can’t wait to see!!

Love you,

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