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Healthy Living Summit Learnings Part #1

Posted Aug 14 2010 2:27pm

I’m loving my time in Chicago so far! It’s been a blast to catch up with blogging friends and meet new ones!

This morning Meghann was ready to get the show on the road!

I’ve learned quite a few things already today and the day isn’t even half over!

#1: Healthy Living conventions often have delicious food options! Thus far Healthy Living Summit food options have exceeded my expectations!

Cool, juicy fruit

Thank you Quaker for a delicious breakfast bar!

#2 Everything plays a role when fueling for fitness!

During this morning’s Fueling for Fitness breakout session, I had the opportunity to learn how to properly think about real food in the fueling process.

Proteins: Helps body tissue, nutrients, not used easily for energy, supplements are often not needed, can come from both plant and animal sources.They have 4 c/gram

Fats: This is your reserve team! They protect organs and help hormones. They have 9 calories/gram. Unsaturated fats (oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish) are the preferred fats.

Water: This is the MOST important part! It ensures you are hyrdrated. Your body is 55-60% of body weight!

The athlete’s plate should be an even distribution across these segements!

I will be reviewing this session and other learnings later this week during my detailed recaps, but I’ll leave you with this crazy fact: The average American exercises 17 minutes per day!

#2 They key to great pictures is lighting!

Do you want a picture like Nicole’s amazing picture above? Are you yearning for a DSLR camera that you see on some of your favorite blogs? Have you and your point and shoot been in a long term relationship? Are you ready to break up? Pause before you break up because this morning’s session confirmed that both DSLR and Point n Shoot cameras can deliver great pictures IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT LIGHT.

Lighting is key!

Here are a few ideas and suggestions to getting the right light anywhere:

1) Take a note from Nicole and set up an at home studio with white posterboard and a white sheet. It’s cheap and easy!

2) Make sure the flash is much as possible. It washes out pictures, especially food!

3) Step out of direct light and ensure that you turn up your ISO settings when in low light.

#3 Being Busy Isn’t An Excuse

Kath , Morgan , and Sarah spoke to us this afternoon about maintaining an organized and balanced life even with crazy schedules. Here are some of the great tips they shared:

1) Check out Kath’s nerd tab if you’re interested in learning how to use Google to the best of it’s abilities!

2) Address your barriers: figure out where you can compromise, look for conflicts, and plan ahead. Using the weekly view on a calendar will help make you more aware of what is coming up!

3) Under schedule yourself. Running errands, folding clothes, going to the grocery store, etc always takes longer than expected. When was the last time running to the drug store only took 5 minutes?

4) If you’re a blogger, remember that the more photos you have the less text you need! Many readers come to your blog for the pictures and recipes versus the running commentary. :)

I’m off to the final session but will update with more news and learnings later!

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