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Healthy {Grain-Free} Onion Rings

Posted Aug 07 2013 2:48pm

Good afternoon, friends!

I have so much to tell you guys! Life has been crazy and I am very grateful for everything going on, even with the stressful things that have snuck in between the excitement!

My birthday was awesome. We went to Harvest in Philly, which is all local, seasonal, organic food. They have grass-fed meats and work with local farmers and even an awesome wine bar! Best of all it was affordable. Most farm to table restaurants in Philly and the burbs are super pricey, talking $25. plus entrees. Harvest had a lot options for a reasonable price. We went with my in-laws and everyone seemed to enjoy their meals! I took lots of food photos to share the deliciousness of the meal but had to delete my camera plus app because it kept geeking out on me—unfortunately everything was on there.

Our house is up for sale and (fingers crossed) almost sold. We have an agreement signed and waiting on the inspection. Good vibes all goes well! Ella needs a back yard and her own big girl bedroom. Time to move out of the condo! We are in a really great spot with the buyers, able to rent from them after settlement until we find something. We are looking for a fixer-upper since my uncle is a contractor and can help us find materials and things, as well as a house that is right (not a money pit), since as an investor he can pre-inspect anything we are interested in and tell us if it is a good buy! I’m excited about being able to turn something into what we want, and being in a good spot renting the house we are about to sell is awesome.

FROG1 copy

FLOWTOX! The owner of the yoga studio I work for and I partnered up and are starting a new business together! I plan to dedicate a post to tell you more about it. We’ve been working HARD on it all summer. That is partly reason for my absence here. FlowTox brings clean eating and yoga together, teaching people to trust their bodies, learn more about the food they are eating, practice compassion with themselves, all while resetting your system and feeling better than you knew you could! While we are calling it a 30 Day “detox” it is so much more than that. It isn’t as much about restricting and cutting food out than it is adding nourishing food in. Eating more whole foods, and gaining control of cravings.


Another goal is to get people on their yoga mats daily (even if it is for 10 minutes). Beginners who never practiced before, no problem. The mind-body connection is so strong, so what is better than to focus on both ends for long-term success!? The new website launces in a few days. We will have free workouts, blog posts, recipes, and more. If you’re interested in doing the detox you can learn more about that soon! We are so excited and already have lots of awesome videos lined up!

Make sure to “like” us on facebook and follow on twitter ! I am going to keep The Fitness Dish alive for occasional health and personal posts, but will be dedicating most of my time and energy to FlowTox’s new site. I learned so much blogging here these past few years and want to make FlowTox even better, with lots of information and geared towards a supportive community! We even have a giveaway coming soon!

Anyway…back to why you’re here in the first place.


I have to resist not eating the entire batch of these as I write this post!

It’s funny. I insisted on getting my dehydrator, but have barely used it because I feel the amount of work for the VERY LITTLE food you get is kind of ridiculous. I have a 9 tray, and granted I haven’t filled it all up yet but I also haven’t mastered any recipes. I mean, how hard can it be? The sweet potato and beet chips in coconut oil are okay. It takes a lot playing with the timing to not get them chewy, then they shrink down to nothing. Kale chips are good—but HOW does Brad get them to be so thick? Please, really, how!?!?

I was at whole foods or somewhere, I can’t even remember and I did a drive-by tasting of healthy onion rings. I can’t even tell you when or who it was from but they were good! I had to come home and create my own version!


You chop the ends off of the onions (top and bottom I guess), then peel off the skin. Slice it down length-wise so you get turn the layers into rings. I used one can of coconut milk, sliced up two medium sized onions and soaked them in the milk while I mixed up the dry batter.

Onions Soaking

Next time I may try two cans of coconut milk and double dip them (milk, batter, milk, more batter) to get the onions completely covered with a thicker layer, It was delicious this way though, and less ingredients (cheaper!) so just a suggestion if you wanted, I actually liked some of them half-way covered.

Healthy Onion Rings 1

Lay them on your dehydrator sheets and give it a whirl! I kept testing them, they key with dehydrating is just testing often. My problem is they shrink and I eat them all before they are finished as I “test.” With these, not much shrinking, just deliciousness!These onion rings are hands-down my favorite recipe in the dehydrator—yet!

I don’t see why they wouldn’t work in a regular oven. Just set your oven to the lowest temperature, and play with the timing. Start with 30-45 minutes and go from there. I would guess at 175 degrees it would maybe take 2 hours? Start little by little though so they don’t burn,. When they’re crispy, these healthy onion rings are done!

Best part about this recipe? My husband told me that they were “actually quite delicious!” Michael approval on these healthier take on certain food is a huge testament!

Healthy Grain Free Onion Rings

    Print This!    

Healthy Grain-Free Onion Rings

this recipe is both vegan and paleo-friendly, gluten-free & grain-free

slightly adapted from: RawMazing


  • 1 can of coconut milk {full-fat and organic}
  • 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 2 medium onions
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup organic ground flaxseed (sprouted best if available)
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • a pinch of cayenne pepper
  • a pinch of fresh ground pepper


Place canned coconut milk and ACV in a bowl. Cut the top and bottom of the onion and peel the outer skin off. Then slice length-wise to keep the rings in tact. Press the ring layers apart and place in a large bowl with the coconut milk and apple cider vinegar to soak. Set aside.

Place the rest of the ingredients into a large bowl and whisk together. Dip the soaked onion rings (you can maybe try soaking them longer, I left mine about 5 minutes) into the batter to coat the onion. Lye them on your dehydrator sheets evenly and dehydrate at 120 degrees for 10-15 hours. Just keep checking on them until they are made to your liking!

Again, if you want to try these in your oven I am sure they would work fine! Try it at your oven’s lowest temperature, bake 30-90 minutes, keep testing them and checking on them! If you do before I get a chance to test it please let me know, I will update the post for other readers!

Talk Soon!

Be on the lookout for FlowTox! I appreciate the support!



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