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Healthy for Life

Posted Nov 08 2010 6:04am
Today's post is brought to you by my reading of a book of the same title, "Healthy for Life" by Dr. Ray Strand. I was struck not only by the engaging way that the book was written, but also by the common sense, scientifically-based, even handed approach the author took to a very difficult subject. The title though, has been resonating with me even more than all the good information contained therein. BTW, I highly recommend you pick up a copy and read and discern about whether you are called to the life-style changes in this approach to eating and living healthy. I'm embarking on this process as we speak - I'll keep you updated.

Health for life is a great concept as it takes our tendancy to live episodically (from meal to isolated meal) rather than to see life as an integrated whole. Thus, what we learn at a young age about eating habits does indeed follow us through the rest of our lives. Our culture which promotes everything quicker and larger is killing us (statistics abound). The knee jerk response to an ever increasing busy-ness is to package our food into ever easier and quicker preparation, which diminishes nutritive value and promotes overeating. Thus, it is not just what we are eating that is the problem, it is how we are living.

I encounter this scenario a couple of times a week (at least during busier times of the year). It goes like this: my wife is out of pocket at meetings or on travel, the boys have activities, the dog needs to be walked and fed, I have work and activities, and what gets lost is the time to actually cook. What do I do? I default to fast food, pizza, Chinese take-out, etc. It gets something into bellies and we are off and running with a minimum of wasted time. Sound familiar? What I need to do is to off-load some of the activities and find my way back to living - instead of doing.

Many of my activities revolve around my church comunity and the public charity that I founded and now run. All good things mind you, but combined with teenaged sons and a busy spouse, life easily gets out of balance. The for-profit world of fast food and diet plans ($30 billion a year for the latter in the U.S.) understands our lifestyles and creates things to meet them - thus promoting a cycle that only serves to make us all less healthy and well, and certainly less whole.

My sincere wish and prayer for all of you is that you will take a moment before the holiday season to evaluate what you are doing in all aspects of your life. How is it that you are deciding to "live", and what effects are those choices having on your health, your relationships, your mind, your soul, all of the things that make you, you? Find the path to peace - we at Possibilities Journey, Inc ( are engaged in this right now. Come along with us, let us know how we can support you in your search for health, wellness and wholeness.

Peace and wholeness,

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