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Healthy Body Healthy Mind Healthy Life

Posted Apr 02 2012 6:26am

In our stressed out life, with work pressure, personal and family problems, financial problems, it is imperative that we maintain a healthy body and life.
Fitness and exercise is any exercise which enhances and improves our body, keeps our mind calm and composed and keeps our life healthy and fit.

Fitness and exercise must be a part of life on daily basis no matter how short of time we are. We must have an inclination to exercise daily.

Cardio exercisesThere are much trained fitness experts, health clubs in every nook and corner, play grounds, jogging tracks for fitness and training.

The various methods for exercising and keeping fit are:
    Cardio exercises: They help us in keeping our body toned up and fit. We have tread mills and cycles and other sophisticated latest technology to help us in keeping fit. Yoga: keeps our mind and body composed and various postures keep our body flexible and healthy. SwimmingSwimming: strengthens our leg muscles and helps us in reducing weight. Brisk walking: It is good for heart and breathing and keeping us in fine shape. Playing: games like table tennis, squash, tennis, etc keep our body in shape and makes us more agile. Aerobic exercises: in fine tune with music keeps us fit and calm.Aerobic exercises Weight lifting: improves or body muscles and gives our body a perfect shape.  Pilates: is a specifically designed machine which if use for exercises keeps our body flexible, and increases our physical strength. Taichi: is another form of exercise which helps us in curing , blood pressure, cancer, and depression
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