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Healthy Body: A Dream Come True

Posted May 04 2012 3:49am

A healthy body is a reflection of healthy life and a clear mind.

An unhealthy body makes our life and our thinking process miserable.

To sustain healthy weight and healthy body you need to support your body’s natural balance. A body which is not overweight is often flexible and in this fast paced life an agile body has become more of a necessity with multitasking becoming the mantra of the day. In such situations overweight people often tend to lose out on many opportunities and life becomes burden for them just like their body. But for those who are determined to shed those extra pounds and adopt a healthy lifestyle here are some useful tips to ensure that you have a healthy body:

    Healthy bodyStart your day with a brisk walk and fitness exercises as this maintains the right flow of blood in your body, and sweating leads to burning of extra calories in your body which in turn reduces your body fats and saves you from obesity. After a  a long night your stomach is empty hence have a heavy nutritious breakfast consisting of cereals, oatmeal, low fat milk, peanut butter, yoghurt. Join a good health club having all the sophisticated equipment for cardio exercises, toning your body muscles and work out regularly. Tips to remain fit and healthyYoga in different postures helps you in making your body flexible, pumping blood and controlling your body. Avoid junk food and high calories food. Avoid alcohol, and try to quit smoking. Snacks are a great refill to keep your body nourished. But ensure that these snacks are not loaded with fats. Sleep well and have your meals on time regularly. Drink plenty of water to flush out the excess toxins. Include high fiber content in your meals. Checking weight regularlyDon’t eat too much of any one particular food, eat a balanced diet having all the possible vitamins required for the healthy body. Keep a check on your weight regularly and reward yourself for every pound you have shed. Eat in small portions this helps in enhancing the metabolic rate of your body. Don’t go in for crash diets as this will only harm your body.

Remember that feeling fit is the first step to being fit and therefore the first step to be healthy is to feel fit and strong. Visualize that you are the most healthy person and you will see remarkable progress in your fitness regime. Remember to compete with yourself and not with others. This is the key to success and happiness.

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