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Healthy Barbeque Dinner: Protein & Carbs Make a Perfect Recovery Dinner

Posted Sep 20 2010 8:24pm


Greetings from 20,000 feet! I’m currently on an early Continental flight from Newark Airport to Dallas Fort Worth for a week of meetings and store tours through the Dallas and Houston area. Did you know that the first 20 rows of Continental flights provide power outlets? I was lucky this morning at check-in and was able to improve my seat from row 38 to row 11.


This morning I spent some quality time with my yoga mat, foam roller, and Yoga Tune Up balls.

  IMG_5150 IMG_5149

I was surprised at my lack of soreness when I stepped out of bed this. After running 18 miles of hills I expected my entire body to scream this morning. Instead, most of my tightness was in my shoulders and calves.

I foam rolled my calves, tops and backs of my thighs, and It band for 10 minutes before using the Tune Up ball on the arches of my feet. I followed this with 10 minutes of Yoga for Runners. Not bad for an early pre-flight morning. What do you do the day after a hard workout? Rest? Stretch?

Last Night

Last night, exhaustion hit Bo and I like a ton of bricks which caused us to cancel some plans we had tentatively made with Jaquie and Rebecca . Unfortunately an evening of cooking together will need to wait two weeks. However, Bo and I did whip up a delicious dinner which also provided him with at least 3 nights of leftovers!

We were both craving barbeque last night but instead of indulging in Blue Smoke, our favorite barbeque in New York City thus far, we made our own. A quick refrigerator check and trip to the grocery store provided us with the necessary ingredients for a healthy, delicious, and easy barbeque dinner.

Our menu consisted of lower sodium Jambalaya Style Wild Rice, a delicious tomato and green bean warm salad, and chopped bbq chicken thighs. IMG_5148 Since we knew our hunger would catch up with us during the cooking process, we grabbed our new favorite Sabra hummus, tahini, and a huge cucumber for an appetizer. IMG_5144 I can’t believe I only started eating cucumbers two months ago! I eased into it by including them in my daily salads and am now at the point where I’ve enjoyed a mint cucumber soup this month and even cucumbers and hummus! Is there a vegetable or fruit you recently started eating after years of aversion?

Warm Green Bean Salad IMG_5142

This salad was inspired from leftovers we had in the refrigerator from Saturday’s pasta dinner. The cup of leftover tomato sauce would never last more than a few days and wasn’t enough for an entire meal which didn’t make it freezer worthy. The green beans were bought over a week ago and needed to be used or they’d fall victim to the trash can. Instead, we threw these together for a simple delicious side dish filled with flavor!

1 package green beans, trimmed and cleaned

Small amount of grated or finely chopped sharp Italian cheese (we used Parmesan)

1 cup fresh tomato sauce, with chunks.

Salt & Pepper to taste

Garlic Gold  

Steam green beans until crisp

Warm tomato sauce, salt, pepper, and garlic gold in medium sauté pan while green beans are cooking

Once green beans are finished drain and then mix into the warm sauce mixture, cooking only 1-2 minutes over medium low

Transfer mixture to a bowl, sprinkle again with a dash of garlic gold and then sprinkle parmesan cheese over and mix.

Enjoy warm!


IMG_5143      IMG_5141  

Bo used boneless skinless chicken thighs for our barbeque which resulted in tender decadent treat. We often use chicken breasts in our household but occasionally thighs provide that moist, richness you can’t get with breasts unless you have to brine them for hours in a salt mixture.

He rubbed the thighs with our homemade barbeque rub we make in bulk before chopping the thighs into small cubes. He then cooked the chicken on the stovetop in a barbeque sauce and apple cider vinegar mixture.


This meal will definitely repeated as it left us satiated even after the earlier calorie burning 18 mile run!

What is your favorite easy side dish?

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