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Healthy Banana Pancakes

Posted Feb 17 2013 10:36am
Something about Sunday mornings makes me want a comforting breakfast.  The typical oatmeal just wasn't doing it today, but I still wanted to be healthy.  I had 2 overripe bananas and a giant tub of cottage cheese staring at me.  Healthy banana pancakes were destined.
I based this recipe off my Protein Pumpkin Pancakes recipe.  Minnie was quite interested as always in the cooking process.
Healthy Banana Pancakes
Serves two (makes 4 medium-sized pancakes). 
Ingredients: 1 1/4 cup old fashioned oats 1/2 cup cottage cheese 2 ripe bananas 2 eggs 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon Handful of pecans 10 drops liquid stevia (optional) Directions: Spray pan with cooking spray and heat to a medium heat Combine all ingredients in a blender until fully mixed. You can also use an immersion blender. Pour batter onto the warm pan to form 4 medium-sized pancakes. Add pecans if desired. Allow to cook until edges start to harden, about three minutes Flip pancakes and allow to cook until batter is no longer runny, about two more minutes Top with syrup, nutmeg or desired toppings and enjoy

I topped mine with peanut butter (just a little) and sugar-free syrup.  What I loved was the sweet banana taste, plus you would have no idea that there was oatmeal inside them.
Yesterday I set out for a very windy 9.5 mile run.  
I've been reading Hansons Marathon Method: A Renegade Path to Your Fastest Marathon (now added to my Amazon store) and was interested in the talk about developing slow twitch muscle fibers.  I have good short distance speed, but I "peter-out" in longer runs.  I always feel like I have to "go fast" to "be fast", however the book says different.  I tried to maintain a 10 minute per mile pace for my training run and ended with a 9:58 pace.  My lungs and energy felt good after, but my hips ached.  We'll see if there's  difference at my next half marathon in March.
After my run, Kyle brought me home a BBQ chicken cornbread salad from local hot spot 4 Rivers.
Then we watched Lawless.  I liked it.  I wasn't sold on Tom Hardy before, but maybe I'm a fan now.  Ladies?
What's your favorite Sunday morning breakfast?

Love and Jack Johnson songs,
Carissa & Kyle
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