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Healthy appetizers to mingle around

Posted Dec 08 2009 9:03pm
Hummus, full of fiber and protein, make a great appetizer.Healthy appetizers to mingle around

Here's the worst scenario when at a find yourself parked in front of the puff pastry platter chatting away, sipping yummy wine and having a good ole' time. Then you look down and realize you've eaten most of the puff pastries. Oops! Am I the only one guilty of this?

So what is the strategy (yes, there is a strategy) to having fun at parties without all the guilt? Moderation (sampling), mingling around the veggie dips and olives and more importantly, eating something before you leave the house so you don't devour everything at the party!

I rounded up a few more tips to help you navigate the parties and feel good about yourself. Brett with Sheer Balance has great tips on which appetizers to enjoy and the classic offenders. Of course, we have to take a peek at tips from Brad Pitt's trainer. I like tip #8, go green for the day.


Choosing healthy appetizers at parties (super useful) by Sheer Balance

Tips from Brad Pitt trainer: First 30 Days  

Thankful for being an olive lover too,

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