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Healthy Appetizer Choices Today: Know When to Hold ‘Em and Know When to Fold ‘Em

Posted Aug 30 2011 8:47pm

Breakfast and lunch today were perfect with my usual homecooked fast meals to go.  Dinner became a challenge with a yet another evening reception.  This time, it was at our historic City Hall.

Take a look at my options.  What did I eat?

Grabbing a small plate, I reviewed the spread and knew my game plan within 30 seconds.  Tonight would be a two-part dinner:  One at City Hall, and one at home!  You have to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

  • YES to the pure Chicken Skewers, but no to sugary and salty mystery Satay Sauce.
  • NO to Roast Beef Roll-Ups in white refined flour tortillas.
  • Crab is another protein choice, but it was contained in creamy, cheesy dip, so I said NO.
  • NO to the white flour crackers.  It’s just empty calories.
  • Unfortunately there were no pure vegetables and fruit to fill up the rest of my plate.  So it was NO to the Spinach and Artichoke Dip in the swirls of creamy sauce.  And NO to the fruit in various mini pastries.

I grabbed a glass of wine (of course!) and enjoyed a plate of the tasty Chicken Skewers.

In watching the rest of the large group, I noticed a trend.  Most people took a sampling of everything on the table just because it was the only option at the moment.  Remember:  Just because it’s free, it’s doesn’t mean to have to eat it.  It’s your body, and I promise that there will be healthier options in the near future for you.

Today, instead of feeling deprived with just a plain, sad plate of lonely chicken, I made the decision early on to have a fast, huge salad when I got home.  It’s easy to bypass the unhealthy appetizers when I know that some steamed vegetables, fresh salad or fruit are waiting for me at home.  If not, a quick stop at the corner store for an apple and banana would do the trick.

5 pm chicken.   8 pm salad drizzled in olive oil and lemon.  Perfect for today!



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