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Healthy and fit: even on rest days

Posted Aug 11 2010 12:00am
We were going to have date night tonight, but I want to see Inception and there's no way we can make it without me dashing out of work and heading straight to the theater. time to eat dinner? No thanks. We'll push date night to Friday instead.

That frees up tonight for a special trip for running errands! For exciting stuff like paper towels and hand soap for the guest bathroom. Hooray! The moving fun never stops.

Today is a rest day for me, in terms of a real workout. I was going to get up and run anyway, because I was awake at 5:00 and figured I'd might as well get up. But then I laid (lay?) there and thought zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So I didn't get up. But that's ok because being fit doesn't mean having to work out every single day. Still, when I'm not doing a workout I use these tips for keeping rest days from becoming slump days
Chug: As much as I claim to aim for a gallon of water a day, on most days it's more realistically between two and three liters. But on a rest day I make sure to do some extra chugging, and I usually aim for another liter. It keeps me full and less prone to over-snacking. Plus, I'm not sweating out any bloat today, so extra water is a good way to keep the internal water from building up.

Active rest: I'm not hitting the gym or donning a sports bra for a run, but I like to at least do one non sitting-on-butt-at-desk or planted-on-couch-in-front-of-boobtube activity. Sometimes I just take a walk during my lunch break (I keep flip flops at my desk, sneakers would be better), or pull out the yoga dvd (in my case, the Namaste Yoga program I DVR'd off Fit TV). Today I'm taking the dogs for a nice 20 minute walk.

Weigh yourself: Look, I'm all for breaking free of becoming a slave to the scale, but if you're someone who's prone to letting one rest day becoming two rest days becoming might as well take the week off, get on the scale. Data does a body good.

Push the splurge: Again, I've tried to move away from the "diet" mentality and live in a "healthy and fit" mentality, but that doesn't mean I don't pay attention to what I eat and of course I still splurge from time to time. Whether you're dieting or just being mindful of healthy eats, don't have a splurge day on a rest day. I like to have my indulgences on the weekends when I'm feeling more lax about schedule and routine, but I make sure I get in a run or hit the gym in the morning first.

I told Sham that I'm working a new breakfast bar recipe focused around the anti-aging food list. I'm hoping it passes a trial run this weekend and have another delicious recipe to post.

I should totally just put that list on its own page.
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