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Healthiest Quesadilla Ever & Obesity as a Disease?

Posted Jun 20 2013 3:40pm

Hey POPsters!

I’ve so been wanting to show you my recipe for healthy quesadillas for the longest time! Ever since I tried this baby a couple weeks ago, I knew it had Cheap Clean Eats written all over it. The tortilla has no refined flour and is soooo easy to make! I also used a volumizing technique for the meat so that I could eat more for less! It takes a lot for my stomach to get full, so if I can fill up that space with veggies, then I get more nutrients and more bang for mah buck!!


Tortillas (Makes 2 big ones):

6 TBS of egg whites, 2 TBS of water, 2 TBS of coconut flour, 1/8 tsp baking powder

Meat Filling:

1/4 lb (4 oz) of 99% fat free ground turkey, 3 celery stalks, some Mrs. Dash to season (sodium free)

Add 1/4 cup of lite mozzarella cheese (or almond cheese, soy cheese)

Whole thing is: 319.5 calories and costs $3.34 to make.


Super duper easy and sooooo yummy and filling! I love making fresh pico de gallo as my salsa. I can see everything in it and the smell of cilantro and lemon are just ridiculous together! I felt like I was in Mexico!

And now…for a topic I want to quickly discuss. I found out yesterday that the American Medical Association officially declared Obesity as a disease. I think there are good things and bad things about this.

First, the good. I think that declaring Obesity as a disease will bring more medical attention to it. Second of all, wait, there is no second of all.

Declaring Obesity as a disease bothers me because it will create a type of victim mentality that can make a patient feel like they are not at fault and that they have something to blame. Also, there will be a SIGNIFICANT increase in drugs formulated to treat those with this disease. Insurance will now cover drugs to “cure” people of Obesity. People will become drug-reliant. We all know you can’t lose weight with pills. So they will keep trying and trying until they get addicted. And you know what? Bam. Now not only are you addicted to food, you’re addicted to the medicine that makes you not want food. Not wanting food? Bad way to look at things that are supposed to give you energy to live your life to the fullest.

There may also be an increase in UNECESSARY surgeries…just because people think this is something they cannot control. Ahhhh false false false!!

OMG. There are so many problems with this I can just go on and on. The other thing is, I have a problem with how medicine is practiced in the United States. I do not like Western Medicine – at least with the experiences I’ve had. Have a problem? Oh well here’s a prescription! Oh didn’t work? Let’s try a stronger dose of this!

Oh no no no. You can’t treat problems by masking them over with drugs! You treat problems by digging at them from the root of the issue. I barely see the doctor now unless it’s an annual check up because to me food is my medicine and medicine is my food. I noticed my acne starting to clear after drinking more water and eating more veggies. The healing came from the inside.

So back to Obesity being treated as a disease…I just feel like some people will be more comfortable saying “Well, it’s not my fault. I have a disease.” This creates stagnation and a lack of desire for change. A reason to settle when we all know that losing weight takes time and it takes work. It’s not easy and for a lot of people (who don’t do Blogilates) it’s not fun. But it’s a choice. A choice we can make to live the way we want to feel.

Now on the flip side, I can see that being obese can lead to other diseases and complications…like joint problems, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. Like Alcoholism, which was labeled a disease in 1956, labeling Obesity in such a way may help people be a little bit more active about their problems and allow for a recognized community to be built. AA for example!

Now that I think about it, physically we can label someone as obese but I think the bigger issue is a mental one and an educational one. A lot of people grow up being taught how to eat a certain way and by the time they know any better, they may already be obese. Now this doesn’t mean you can just sit there and say aww poor me, I should get medical insurance to cover this – what you SHOULD do is learn about healthy eating and exercising little by little. With the internet and libraries, there are loads of free information out there and no excuse to not TRY to improve your health. Not for physical vanity, but for the pure simplicity of improving the quality of your own life now, and for the future. By doing so, you’ll save money on medical bills and you can live longer to spend time with your kids!

I also think that if Obesity is labeled a disease, then, okay brace yourself for this one, is Anorexia a disease too? (Or just a psychological disorder) I suppose in both cases, there is something abnormal going on that wrecks havoc on the human body and will likely cause other serious health issues.

You know what, at the end of the day, we can debate as much as we want about how we want to label things, but my wish is that we all try to help one another reach our own happiest and healthiest destinations. If labeling Obesity as a disease will help people, so be it. But I know for a fact that Obesity drugs will not make a person healthy. Maybe there will be an increase in Obesity Anonymous groups to promote community for people struggling through weight loss. If that happens, then I’m happy.

What do you think about Obesity being labeled as a disease? It is ridic!? Or is it a good thing. Let’s discuss.

You can read more about this topic on The New York Times here.

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