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Posted Mar 22 2010 12:00am
I never thought I would get political on this blog, but I promise it is relevant.  As I'm sure most Americans are aware, the healthcare bill passed last night.  I don't care what side of the issue you stand on - that isn't my point in this post.  Most people agree that something needs to be done, we just all disagree about when and how to do it.

I was up until a little after midnight - I just couldn't relax after listening to the live debate through CSPAN radio as I worked at the computer.  I tried to sleep, but just kept thinking about how completely backwards we are in terms of healthcare as a society.

I've used the analogy before - I often view Western medicine as a quick fix.  It's something that treats the symptoms and makes us comfortable for the time being, but rarely gets to the root of the problem.  Therefore, our symptoms keep returning and requiring more "medicine".  I feel that this is what we are doing by approaching the healthcare issue with the idea that government can somehow solve it with a quick fix.  We can't throw money at this issue and improve the health of our citizens.  That's just treating the symptoms.

Alternative medicine, holistic medicine, ayurvedic medicine, etc. - these are all ways to improve your health by looking at the root of the problem.  For example, you go to the doctor for headaches.  Most doctors in America will give you some pills to help with the pain and may run a few tests to see what could be causing it.  When they do narrow it down to a diagnosis, they generally give you more pills.  What alternative medicine would do is a take a look at your entire system to see what is actually causing that "diagnosis" that the doctor gave you - is it something you're eating, your sleep patterns, something environmental, the way you deal with stress, etc.  Once you can pinpoint the root, you can treat that and the symptoms will naturally go away.

Western medicine may be faster, but it's usually a temporary fix.  Other therapies will take hard work and time, but usually offer a permanent fix.  Unfortunately, we Americans like instant gratification.

Our nation needs a permanent fix.

It's time for us to stop being victims and take PERSONAL responsibililty for our health.  It's not our doctors' job to take care of our health.  It's not our insurance companies' jobs to take care of our health.  It's definitely not the government's job to take care of our health.  We are ultimately the only ones who can and should be doing it.

America spends more money on healthcare than any other nation in the world.  You would think that would make us the healthiest nation, but it doesn't.  There are at least 30-40 other nations that have a higher life expectancy and lower infant mortality rates.  Why?

We don't take care of ourselves - we feed ourselves trash.  We live sedentary lifestyles.  We take pills for every little ache and pain, which only causes more aches and pains through side effects.

And we don't take care of our environment - we fill our homes and bodies with toxic chemicals that just make us sicker.  We eat sickly food that was treated inhumanely.

The majority of patients that doctors now see have problems that are a direct result of lifestyle choices.  The only way we can fix that is to change our lifestyles.

Friends, the time for us to take back the responsibility for our healthcare is now.  Our first line of defense is our families.  Childhood obesity, ADD, Autism, and many other problems are on the rise.  We can do something about it. 

Let's stop feeding our children processed junk food and fast food that is polluting their bodies with neurotoxins.  Instead, let's teach them about real, living food - teach them where it comes from, how it grows, and how it "works" inside our bodies.

Let's stop letting our children sit in front of the computer and television screens.  Instead, let's get them outside in the fresh air and show them how good exercise will make their minds and bodies feel.  Let's keep their little minds active and entertained.

Let's stop polluting the places we live with toxic chemicals.  Instead, let's create a safe environment for them to play in, with clean air.  Let's leave them and their children an Earth that is healthy.

Let's all start trusting our bodies.  The human body is capable of healing itself in amazing ways if we just give it the opportunity to do it.  We don't need pills to solve every little problem.

We can do this!  We can solve the healthcare crisis if we are willing to sacrifice some of the modern conveniences that we have come to rely on as a society.  Remember, the harder the work - the greater the reward.

My thoughts on the health of America can be summed up by this Bible verse -

Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor.    Proverbs 12:24
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