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Healthcare Reform Bill - Will it Make a Difference?

Posted Mar 23 2010 6:07am
Well, it has come to pass, a healthcare reform bill has made it through our convoluted legislative process and is moving towards the White House. Since I'm not old enough to have witnessed the activities surrounding the passage of Medicare/Medicaid in the mid-60's, I can only wonder if it was as troubling as this process was (my belief is that we are suffering as those a genertion older than me did)?

So what will it "mean" for us as citizens and as users of healthcare in the U.S. What this "means" will likely remain hidden for a very long time to come. It has taken a decades to appreciate the benefit versus burden of Medicare/Medicaid, and this will be no different. Has this current bill addressed the major issues of social injustice? Has this bill created the safety-net for those un- or under-insured? Will it allow the end-user to fully interact with the system to insure that they get meaningful care for their health (or their dis-ease)? What will be the financial burden of this legislation and who(m) will it impact most heavily? So many questions, so few answers; possibly so little in the way of wisdom or meaningful reform.

But, can we really expect wisdom and caring from legislation? Isn't that what our call is - to work within the human systems that we create in order to identify the burdens; and then to work diligently to relieve them? From a spiritual/moral/ethical standpoint, that appears to be the requirement. Nothing created of "man" can in any way be perfect. Though the Bill passed, there is nothing like consensus in the aftermath. An earlier post here discussed briefly the issue of spiritual indifference - that ability to suspend judgement until wisdom and insight are achieved.

I encourage all to interact with this new world as they seem called to do. Put aside rhetoric and partisan politics and listen for truth and wisdom. Be in dialogue with one another to identify opportunities for systems improvements. Above all, remain in discernment about how this Bill can be a step forward on our paths towards health, wellness and wholeness.


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