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Health Update: Supplements I’m Loving

Posted Oct 29 2013 5:00am
Please remember I am not a doctor and you should consult with yours before starting any new supplements!

Two weeks ago I let you all in on some health issues I’ve been struggling with . You can read the full post for all the details but it basically boiled down to: TMJ, ischemic colitis, hormonal imbalance and anxiety (caused by the hormones.) I’m relieved to be bringing you all a positive updated today thanks to a new series of supplements I started the day after I wrote that post.

I haven’t had to take any pain meds in nearly two weeks since my TMJ pain has become virtually non-existent. I realized my jaw clenching stemmed from tightness in my upper back and trapezius muscles so I’ve been diligent about stretching them every few hours, and keeping better posture while running and sitting. I will use the trigger point ball on the wall to help work on knots in my back, foam roll my upper back, and do this self-massage on my face for more immediate relief when I feel my jaw starting to tighten up again. I need to keep stretching daily even though I’m feeling better because I definitely don’t want a repeat of this 2 month nightmare!

My ischemic colitis has gone away as well thanks to no more advil! My symptoms disappeared before I started taking these probiotics, but I read a lot on the connection between an imbalance of bacteria in the gut and it’s impact on mood so I thought I’d try these out.  I went with these  Probiotics  as they were pretty inexpensive for a 3 month supply, and had the two specific strains most often suggested for people who struggle with IBS (as I used to before I cut way back on gluten & dairy.)

pearls One of my biggest struggles over the last few months has been extreme fatigue. As in, I wake up feeling more tired than I was when I went to bed. I try not to do a lot of caffeine so I looked around for other energy boosters. I saw spirulina  mentioned a few times in various articles and thought I’d give it a shot (plus it has a ton of other amazing health benefits !)

Side note: I know a lot of bloggers who swear by energy bits. If you’ve taken a look at them before you know they are just 100% pure spirulina. A bag of them cost $115!! I’m sure the makers would say the spirulina they use is better (it is organic) but I can’t imagine it’s worth that much of a price difference. Know how much I paid for this bottle? $15.

Energy Bits: 1000 250 mg tabs, 83 servings, $1.39 a serving

Now Spirulina: 500 300 mg tabs, 83 servings, $.19 a serving

You’re welcome.

Spirulina For my mood I went with 5HTP . I took St. Johns Wort for 2 years when I was quitting smoking (a big reason smokers relapse is because they’re unprepared for the mild depression that most experience post-quitting.) I stopped taking it about a year ago and started 5HTP a few weeks before I got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and started experiencing panic attacks about once a week. Supposedly 5HTP is better for treating combo depression/anxiety then St. Johns Wort. I also like it because most people can notice an improvement in mood 1-14 days after starting it (mine is immediate!) Read more on 5HTP from WebMD .
Lastly, I started using a topical Estrogen  cream. Since my body is producing virtually zero estrogen I tried to find natural ways to get more into my system. Soy  products do have estrogen like effects but because of my thyroid disease I try to minimize soy. I’m doing a bit of seed-cycling and this cream is the only one I found OTC. There are three types of estrogen the body produces and this kind, estriol, is produced/used the least but I figured it’s better than nothing!  estrogen So, overall, I have amazing energy again and my mood has improved significantly! The researcher in me know’s better than to start a bunch of new supplements at once (because then it’s impossible to know which one’s are actually working) but I was just to excited to try them all. Once I get my cycle back (and cutting running down is the next step after the marathon) I will try to get stable for a few months, then gradually cut out/ween off the supplements.

What supplements do you take? 

Do you think mother nature has provided us with what we need to cure most diseases?

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