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Health Statistics and Lifestyle Facts – Men vs Women

Posted Sep 13 2013 12:00am

This article is written by Uttoran Sen.

Who do you think is healthier?

Men – or women?

Which group is at more risk for certain cancers or other illnesses?

Men – or women?

Which group has a longer life expectancy?

Women – or men?

Those are just some of the questions we’re going to answer for you using some very interesting statistics we have researched about men vs women and how they compare when it comes to health issues and lifestyle habits.

Men vs Women

Men vs Women

Mental Health

When it comes to mental health issues like depression and anxiety disorder, women suffer from these conditions much more often than men. In fact, according to a mental health study conducted in Great Britain in 2003, women 29% of women surveyed had been treated for a mental health condition, compared to just 17% of men. Other studies found that:

1.  One in four women have been treated for depression, compared to just one in ten men. (National Institute For Clinical Excellence, 2003)

2.  60% of people who suffer from phobias or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are women. (The Office for National Statistics Psychiatric Morbidity, 2001)

3.  Women are twice as likely to experience symptoms of anxiety than men. (The Office for National Statistics Psychiatric Morbidity, 2001)

Cardiovascular Health

The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) found some interesting facts about women and heart disease and how they compare to heart-related issues in men.

1.  Heart disease kills a half million women each year – which is 50,000 more than men.

2.  Men usually have their first heart attack ten years before women first experience them.

3.  Women are more likely than men to have subsequent heart attacks within twelve months from the first one.

4.  Approximately 40,000 more women than men suffer a stroke each year.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases/AIDS

When you think about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), you would assume that men and women are just as likely as each other to contract an STD, being that they are engaging in sexual activity together. However, data collected by SWHR suggests otherwise.

1.  HIV is the leading cause of death of African American women aged 24-35 and ranks within the top ten leading causes of death in women aged 24-55.

2.  Women are twice as likely than men to contract an STD.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases such as AIDS and lupus are exponentially more prevalent in women than men and they rank within the top ten leading causes of death in women aged 65 and under as well. Autoimmune diseases are the fourth leading cause of permanent disability in US women to date.

Automobile Accidents

Who drives better – women or men?

That’s been the subject of great debates between the sexes since the invention of the automobile. While we can’t settle that debate for you, we can give you some statistical information that may help you decide for yourself. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety found that:

1.  Men are more likely to be involved in single car crashes than women.

2.  Men are more likely than women to have been drinking alcohol prior to being involved in a crash.

3.  Men are less likely than women to use seat belts.

Marriage and Infidelity

According to a study published in Fox News Magazine, infidelity is the reason given for 17% of divorces. But who’s being unfaithful – the women or the men? It’s about equal.

1.  70% of men admitted that they had cheated on their wives.

2.  60% of women stated they had cheated on their husbands.

3.  Only 1 in 3 women were aware their husbands were having an affair during the time it was going on.

And now for some random, but sort of health and body related facts and statistics about men and women and how they compare in certain areas.

1.  The top three leading causes of death in men and women are the same. They are: heart disease, cancer and stroke – in that order.

2.  The average life expectancy for women in the United States is 81.

3.  The average life expectancy for men in the United States is 76.

4.  Men shave about 24 times per month, while women shave only 11 times per month.

5.  Males have an average HDL cholesterol level of 46 while the female average is 55.

6.  Men have an average resting heart rate of 72 while women’s heart rates average 76.

7.  The average man can run a mile and a half in just over 12 seconds. The average woman can run a mile in just over 15 seconds.

Men and Women are always different from each other and so are their lifestyle habits and diseases they acquire during their life time. Fortunately, with the advancement of medical technology and the internet we now have access to professional doctors like Russell Ferstandig on our finger tips. Getting medical help is far more easier now compared to our previous generations.

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