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Health Magazine-Session One

Posted Jan 06 2010 10:33pm

So I mentioned a while ago that I was selected to test a new Health magazine diet/lifestyle plan.  It is for a book coming out in the summer. 

I went to the first session yesterday to learn about the plan, meet the other participants, hear from editors at Health and meet the nutritionist who will be counseling the group and me individually.

There is so much information, I am not sure how to even begin in a blog post, so I will summarize as best as I can.

–We will trial this plan for almost 3 months, tracking weight as well as having before and after photos  (eeeek!)

–The plan is not a follow this diet, but more of guidelines that incorporate all of the foods you like in moderation

–The emphasis is resistance starches

–The gave us sample recipes to try if we want, but also understand many of us eat out most meals

–We meet with the nutritionist every 2 weeks

–We submit a meal plan every week, which means, I have to keep a meal journal! I have never done this successfully for more than two meals.

While I can’t reveal too much about the session, there were a few assumptions made that bothered me, but overall it was a great experience.

The best part was meeting nutritionist Marissa Lippert of Nourish NYC.  She actually has a great blog.

Marissa didn’t create the plan, so she is working with us on a personal level to tweak our diets, but also to work on the social, emotional and habit side of eating and weight loss.

She was awesome, I liked her right away.  She had us discuss issues, the whys behind what and how we eat.

She gave us some goals for the week:

–decrease portions 15-25%

–drink more water

–1 treat meal and 1 treat dessert a week still being mindful of portion size (yikes only one dessert?!)

–fruits and veggies at every meal

–focus on healthy carbs

-don’t skip meals

-food journal

–keep alcohol in check.  She said 3-4 drinks a week or less is fine. For those drinking 6-12 or more, cut 25-50%.

–cut back on processed and artificial foods and sweeteners as much as possible.

–increase exercise by 15 minutes a session or increase intensity (that’s a fun one)!

The hardest thing will definitely be so few sweets!  Does anyone have tips on reducing sweets in the diet?

So my goal is to shed 6 pounds by the end of this and potentially 9 by May.  I will have to see how I feel after 6, that might be enough.

I am nervous (and excited) to have this much accountability. I will keep you posted!

Also, tomorrow you won’t want to miss GIVEAWAYS, contests and reviews!  See ya then!

xoxo bloggies!

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