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Health Is Wealth

Posted Nov 09 2008 7:14pm

Given the choice, which would you rather be? Healthy, though Poor, or Wealthy but Sickly? For me this is kind of tricky, because I'd rather be Healthy and Wealthy, but if I am limited to only one choice, I'd prefer to be healthy. Why? Because being healthy puts one in the best position to make the most out of what you have - your life, your challenges, your talents, etc. Even if you are not in the most affluent levels of society, because you have health, you have an opportunity to make a serious go for wealth, success, and happiness. In the other extreme, a very wealthy but sickly person would not be in the best condition to appreciate the benefits of his/her wealth. One's outlook on life can be seriously affected by one's physical health - and more often than not, a sickly person is not generally a happy person. Of course there will always be exceptions - but I am a firm believer in the common adage: "Health is Wealth."

With that belief as my foundation, I have chosen to focus my activities around health and wellness. As we grow older, this takes on more and more significance in our life, side by side with mental and spiritual growth.  This explains my eagerness to exchange information and interact with as many people as I can on the subject of health and wellness - that I may learn from them, as well as share what I know with others.


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