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Health Benefits From Herbal Supplements

Posted Mar 11 2009 3:18pm

Many people look at the United States and see overconsumption of food. Yet, what we don’t see is under nourishment. We in fact do get enough calories, but not enough vitamins and minerals from those calories. As a result, our bodies are undernourished and this is why we tend to get sick more often than not.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome our limitations. Supplementing our intake with vitamins, minerals, and herbs, can help improve our bodies and reverse health issues, seen and those lurking. Within our bodies there are free radicals. These free radicals tend to be oxidizers. An example would be leaving your bike out in the rain over night. In the morning you go out and look at your bike and see rust, the bike’s metal was oxidized.

In order to prevent free radicals from running rampant in your body and causing damage, kind of like the bike rusting, you need to take some sort of antioxidants. Antioxidants come in the form of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. These very ingredients are supposed to be in food and in the food we consume. Unfortunately, our foods tend to be lacking these important ingredients, or they were destroyed by the cooking.

A solution to this problem would be supplementation. There are plenty of supplements out there that are intended to help replenish these important antioxidants such as, multi-vitamins, energy supplements, memory supplements, etc. Taking a good multi-vitamin every day can help improve your body’s immune system and function and ultimately make you less susceptible to getting sick.

Just like the body, the mind is just as important, maybe even more important, because it is the control center of your whole being. This is why a mental supplement may be beneficial to your health. Some supplements help improve memory, others improve focus. And there are others that combine focus, memory, energy, and other beneficial functions.

This leaves you with many options, supplement manufacturers have run rampant, and too many options have arisen. Fortunately, this leaves many options to find the best product that suits your needs. Always look for a product that is natural and has pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure your getting high quality stuff.

Next, choose what you want in your supplements, there are many combinations out there and some do different things. For example, IntelliBoost, which can be found at, is specially designed to help you in many ways. It improves your memory, helps you focus, increases your energy, and helps you relax by reducing your feelings of stress.

In the end, when choosing supplements, first decide what the purpose of taking them are. Are you looking for improving your mental health or body’s health? Once you have decided then find supplements that are natural that meet your needs.

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