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Health and the City’s Immune Boosting Smoothie

Posted Jun 15 2009 6:28pm

This delicious smoothie is the perfect way to start your day (I have it almost every morning!). It contains enough nutrients and calories to be a whole meal which will help stabilize your blood sugar for hours. It is packed with antioxidant powerhouses to help boost your immune system and help your body fight off bacteria and viruses while helping you build muscle and repair the wear and tear of our daily lives on our state of health and wellness.

½ to 1 whole banana: (high in potassium,
1 cup of mixed frozen berries (blue, ras, black, straw, acai’) packed with antioxidants that help fight diseases like cancer.
1 tbsp of natural almond or peanut butter: to help stabilize blood sugar
1 tbsp flax seed: adds fiber to help cleanse your GI tract and omega 3’s to reduce inflammation in the body
1 tbsp of protein powder: brown rice protein powder is a clean option that usually does not contain any other ingredients. Whey protein is another option but read ingredients and try not to use a product that contains added sugars and other fillers. The added protein makes your smoothie a complete meal of carbohydrates, healthy fats and clean protein.
2-3 oz. POM pomegranate juice: for additional antioxidant support
Optional liquids: almond milk, rice milk, soy milk, coconut water or just plain water.

Amount depends on the consistency that you want your smoothie to have. Place all ingredients into a blender.

Blend for 30 seconds. And there you have it. The perfect breakfast in under 5 minutes.
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