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healing powers of crystals and gems

Posted Feb 02 2013 8:30pm

Back in high school, I noticed my sister collecting and becoming obsessed with crystals of all sorts: amethysts, quartz crystals, amber, etc…and I just DID NOT get it- All she told me was that they were really powerful and really healing. To be honest, I thought she was just crazy!!! But as time went on, and my holistic and natural approach to life grew larger, I thought I might as well give it a go. Usually, crystals are most beneficial when someone gifts one to you, or you find one somewhere. At this time, my sister had given me a couple really beautiful ones and I literally found one on my doorstep. The universe wanted me to dabble in the crystal realm ;-)

One night when I was meditating, I decided to take my crystal and place it in my hand to see if I could feel anything. At first, nothing. But then…something magnificent. I felt a sort of pulsation in my hand where the crystal was sitting. It was minute, but as I tuned into it more and really felt into my body, I noticed the tingly effect it was having in my hand. Since my stomach has always been my “weak spot” (we all have our own..) I decided to lie down and place the crystal over my stomach. As I delved into my meditation, and connected with the energy flowing through my own body, I realized certain shifts happening. It was almost like the crystal was bringing relief, light, and a subtle shift into my stomach and my body.

What I did not know back then, was that it actually was.

In short, crystals channel energy from the universe. They can focus, store, transmit, and transmute this energy and it can be used for beneficial healing and energizing effects. Crystals will not do something that you or your body can not do, rather they will speed up things that were supposed to happen in the first place.

The rock crystal has strong healing powers. This is because it: -
a. Is a natural conductor of electro-magnetic energy;
b. Is both a receiver and ultra-sonic transmitter;
c. Amplifies the purity of the white light beam;
d. Balances and harmonises the aura;
e. Emits a force field of light and is sonic protection against negativity;
f. When laid on the body, crystal quartz decrystallizes the knots, which block the flow of energy.

I believe that we are all born on this planet to be healthy, radiant, happy, and glowing with light energy. A lot of times, we are passed down undesirable traits, we create limiting belief systems within our bodies that alter its functions and create illness, or we aren’t as in tune with our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves that we would like to be. I believe that the body can heal itself naturally, and crystals are a great resource to help the body do just that.

Crystals improve your general state of well-being, reduce, or remove disease and symptoms from the body, and work in according to your body to align chakras and get the chi flowin. Where as a drug can be overdosed, crystals will always work just right.

Although there are many, many, many different varieties of crystals, typically the ones that you are drawn to are made for you. Yes, certain crystals are known to do certain things, and placed in certain ways they can be beneficial to the body, but if you are just getting started- here is my advice: Go to a store where they have a wide variety of crystals and gems and just see which your body likes best! It can be aesthetically pleasing, it can feel nice, or it can be the first one that your eyes see. Get that crystal and meditate with it. Become friends! Later, research the benefits and usage about that specific crystal. Usually, it’s just what you need.

What are my favorite crystals? I’ve had crazy healings with amber, citrine, and different pure quartz crystals. I am now involved in a crystal healing class, so I expect to jump in to the reapings of lots more soon.

For myself, I like to have crystals on me at all times! I feel sort of protected when I have them on, and I know that they’re there if I am ever feeling sick, need to connect to myself, need some positive light, among others! ….which is why I make crystal rings. People started giving me so many compliments that I started really making them…for you! Check out my shop to see if you resonate with any of these beauties.

As always, let me know if you want to talk more, or have a question about a certain crystal or which would be best for you. My room is overflowing with books ;-)

love and light!



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