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healing a cold holistically: doterra to the rescue!

Posted Oct 14 2013 12:55am

cure a cold

You know- I haven’t been sick in a VERY long time.

I choose health. And I keep my immunity high.

But hey, we are all human. And things happen.

A couple of weeks ago, I got this awful cold. (I know, how did I manifest that?!)

It’s safe to say that it’s finally completely gone, thanks to DoTerra essential oils..

BOOM- this is how you heal naturally!


Here is your prescription for healing if the cold plague has got ya–!

15 drops lemon essential oil

10 drops wild orange essential oil

2 drops oregano essential oil

10 drops cilantro essential oil

10 drops peppermint essential oil

Have this formula in a tall glass of water or as I did- in veggie capsules.

Have this formula two times a day.

Have this formula until you are completely healed.


The lemon and orange essential oils will support and heal your liver while alkalizing the body and keeping the immune system high. The oregano and cilantro will work together to eliminate the toxins and bring out whatever bug is in there. The peppermint essential oil will cool down the inflammation inside.


Why DoTerra?

Although there are good essential oils available to consumers, many products claiming to be essential oils often are not pure aromatic extracts and often contain fillers and non-aromatic compounds. DoTerra is certified organic, is safe to ingest into your precious body, and is 100 percent the real deal.

I also love DooTerra because they source their organic ingredients from all over the world- where the plant grows the best.




My body is resilient!

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