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Have You Tried Alternative Health Therapies?

Posted Apr 06 2009 10:18pm

Conventional therapy is often substituted with alternative heath therapy. With mainstream methods of healing combining with alternative methods, there is a more holistic, integrated combination treatment. Alternative medicine offers an approach and combinations of other therapies to the etiology and treatment of illnesses not considered by conventional medicine. When we talk of alternative therapies, they could include a whole lot of healing techniques like naturopathy, homeopathy, massages, faith healing, etc. It is the belief that these therapies will have some curative effect on the disease that leads to the use of therapies over conventional medicine.

Alternative health therapy gives the patient an overall sense of control as it aids well being, improves quality of life and your overall general health. One feels calmer when pressure, stress, insomnia, nervousness and despair are reduced. They can even help to reduce the symptoms of cancer, such as pain, feeling sick, breathlessness, constipation, diarrhea, tiredness and poor appetite as well as help to moderate some of the side effects of traditional cancer treatment.

Often used together with conventional medicine, alternative therapy can tend to mask pain which may hide the actual very serious underlying problem. Cancer support groups, some hospitals and hospices provide this type of therapy as part of overall care for cancer, cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. A lot of cancer patients use these therapies in order to help them fare better when undergoing treatment for cancer. However, alternative health therapies shouldn’t be viewed as an alternative to be used instead of orthodox medicine, but it should be used as an extremely valuable support which recognized the spiritual and emotional aspects and physical aspects.

Americans for example, now spend billion annually on alternative health products such as vitamins and herbs. Recent studies by Tindle, Davis, Phillips, & Eisenberg, in 2005, showed that approximately 72 million adults in the United States use complementary and alternative therapies. From these studies, there was also an indication of a figure of more than thirty four billion dollars each year that is spent on out of pocket expenses for all of these therapies based on information that was provided by Craig, Herman and Caspi a few years ago.

There are natural remedies available for a number of problems. One can easily find products that promise to help with excessive sweating, snorring or even get rid of skin problems, take natural mole removal as an example. Many of those remedies are available as ebooks, such as No More Moles, Warts Or Skin Tags guide.

However there is no specific alternative health therapy that is more effective than the other, you will only be able to determine which treatment would suit you and which one is effective only by the trial and error method. Individual therapies such as acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology, homeopathy and hypnotherapy have been successful in treating people Motor Neuron Disease and helping them adjust well with their lives. Check with your doctor before you start on any alternative therapy and ensure that whatever treatment you are considering does not adversely affect your ongoing treatment.

In the event, that you make the decision to integrate some of the alternative health therapies into your specific treatment plan, you are going to need to discuss all of your choices very openly, regularly and honestly with your physician and others that are part of your health care team. Before considering and deciding on this option, you should first check with your doctor on whether or not the treatment is available at your hospital or clinic. Perhaps they may be able to recommend particular therapies or practitioners as more doctors are being convinced that complementary medicine does have a place in today’s society. Most find that this type of therapy gives them back some control of their lives and lessens the anxiety and it also helps them cope with side effects of conventional treatment.

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