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Have you changed eating habits for better or worse?

Posted May 18 2009 10:33pm

Have you ever changed your eating habits……for better or worse?  Like did you decide to get fit and sleek before your wedding, or get in shape after a diagnosis of diabetes, or did you gain weight while getting a degree?  Did you gain weight after starting a family or lose weight after getting a divorce?

I think it’s interesting to think about how our life’s path has led us to better (or worse) eating habits.

For me, I dramatically improved my diet and fitness routine after listening to a professor at the University of Kansas give a public presentation on the interaction of diet and exercise.  In fact, I was so psyched, I signed for a Master of Science program in Exercise Physiology.  I started eating really well and exercising like crazy.  And I quit smoking.  I became a runner, participated in two triathlons, and biked across Kansas (2x), Iowa and Michigan. 

The next big shift came almost 20 years later when my professional career heated up and I had a lot of demands placed on me - personal time was at a minimum and I was under a lot of stress to perform.  You guessed it, I started eating on the run and slacking off on my fitness routine.  I still walked regularly, but with the 20 year age gain, I needed to do a lot more! 

Now I’m ready for the third shift - back to taking care of me - no matter what else is going on.  I think that’s a neato place to be.  Now what about you?   Have you improved your wellness lifestyle?  Have you slacked off?  Tell us your story….everybody has a story.  And if you’ve maintained a steady wellness routine, we definitely want to hear from you…tell us your secrets.  Share your comments at the comment link below.

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