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Hashimoto Thyroiditis – The Killer Autoimmune Disease

Posted Nov 17 2010 7:35am

Heard about Hashimoto thyroiditis? It is an autoimmune disease. It attacks the thyroid gland and disturbs the regularity of secretion of the thyroid hormone. It simply means that the body’s immune system itself is on the verge of causing damage to the thyroid system. This damage causes the thyroid gland to behave improperly in the production of T3 and T4 hormones of the thyroid. It is very essential to be aware that the thyroid hormone is solely responsible for maintaining the metabolism of the body and to make further enhancements in it. Hashimoto autoimmune disease is responsible for degrading the performance of the thyroid gland in producing the thyroid hormone, indirectly targeting the body metabolism to degrade and, thus, the person suffers from hypothyroidism.

Medically, Hashimoto thyroiditis is explained in the form of some facts as follows:

    The immune system of the body has been and is continuing to attack the thyroid gland adversely. This is due to the immune system viewing the thyroid gland as an alien substance in the body which can cause potential damage to the health and well being of the body. Any thing viewed as a harmful body to the immune system will eventually be killed off by it. In case of Hashimoto thyroiditis, the thyroid gland is at the risk of destruction. The damage done to the thyroid gland by the immune system shall be irreversible. Each attack of the immune system on the thyroid gland makes it more and more impotent in terms of secreting the thyroid hormone. Fading away of the thyroid gland and the thyroid hormones is an indirect threat to life.

Now, there are 2 ways of clearing this problem, either to cure the autoimmune disease named Hashimoto thyroiditis or to do something with the thyroid gland to help it fight the disease. The basic symptom of the Hashimoto thyroiditis disease is the under activity of the thyroid gland, which is already a damage occurred due to the disease. Now, one chance to bounce the thyroid back is to find out a point where it becomes weak and begins to lower the secretion of the essential thyroid hormones. It is quite a feasible and justifiable solution. All we require the thyroid gland for is the fulfillment of required levels of thyroid hormones T3, T4 and TSH in the body. If we succeed in making the gland capable of at least secreting the required levels, then that is quite an achievement over the Hashimoto thyroiditis, as per my justifications.

We know that autoimmune diseases are very difficult to cure since they originate from the core of the body’s health, the immune system. Any games with the immune system can result in numerous other undesired conditions. Hence, the best way to cut down the spreading roots of this autoimmune disease is to first target the elevation of thyroid hormone in the body by reverse ways. Usually, thyroid controls metabolism. Reverse way means controlling the well being of the thyroid gland by first taking control of one’s metabolic activities. With exercise and other diet plans, one can increase, gradually, the basal metabolic rate. This way we, at least, begin to touch the thyroid gland and commence aiding our health and body. It is better than doing nothing to save the clearly visible fatalness.  With these practices, Hashimoto thyroiditis is supposed to, gradually, quit the body. It is just an effort to make the immune system friendly with the thyroid gland. These are natural methods. Apart from these, there are artificial techniques via immunotherapy. Artificial injection of thyroid hormone in the body and consumption of medications that artificially boost the thyroid secretion are other less opted methods. We call these methods less opted because either they are less known among the patients, or they are less desired due to being artificial. The third and the most common reason for the treatments being less undertaken is that even lesser people are known to be aware of their body suffering from the Hashimoto thyroiditis. Awareness is greatly important when it comes to preventing or treating a disease.

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