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Hard Life Decisions

Posted Oct 18 2012 12:00am

Life decisions have been super hard this week.

We can’t seem to decide on a Halloween costume.

In college, I knew my costume and had it ordered by September 1st. It would hang on my closet door as motivation to stop drinking the keystone and make an attempt at 15 minutes on the elliptical or something of equal worth once or twice a week (I miss you, metabolism). All so I could shimmy my way into the costume to go out and drink more keystone.

Now? We’re under two weeks. My roommate and I want to do something. What? Not a clue. And don’t you dare suggest I pull out the old costumes from college. I have this thing called “dignity” now. Or at least a shred of it. Don’t tell me otherwise.

And don’t even get me started on where we’re even going to wear the supposed costumes. The band we normally celebrate the holiday with  is out of town (Guys- I’m upset about this. I’m looking at you, Rod.) and all the venues that have been discussed include live music we’re less than enthusiastic to shake our booties to.

Life is sooooo hard.

And because life decisions such as this are leaving me indecisive and all in a tizzy, I need comfort food.

Ok, fine. I’ve had this extra taco filling sitting in my freezer for way too long and I just  really wanted an excuse to make cornbread. Because apparently having it on two other separate occasions over the last 7 days is not enough.

So I mixed some up. And poured it on top of stuff in a pan. And threw it in the oven, set the timer for 20 minutes, and crossed my fingers.

Cooking without a recipe is dangerous.

But sometimes? It works out.

And when in doubt? Top stuff with salsa.


At least I’m not hungry anymore.

However, the search continues…

So… what do you have going on for Halloween this year? And can I come?

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