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Hard Launch vs. Soft Launch

Posted Feb 16 2011 10:09am

My boss is a man of many words, expressions, phrases, analogies, similes, metaphors, colloquialisms, anecdotes, litotes, hyperboles, synchedoches, allusions, idioms and various random “isms,” which we in the office affectionately refer to as Bob-isms.

Ok, his name is not Bob. But it does only have three letters and I am supposed to change names protect the innocent, right? Or is that only in Dragnet?

Recently, using the analogy of a new clothing retailer, Bob explained to me the difference between a hard launch and a soft launch. “The store doesn’t have the grand opening the very first day. No! They generate some interest first and then have the GRAND Opening. This is a soft launch,” he explained to me. What a clever guy.

I’ve decided to go with the soft launch approach for the re-launch of my blog.

Actually, I am really just experiencing massive blogging withdrawals. It’s so bad I’m to the point of posting lengthy notes on Facebook. I’ve posted three. Yeah, it’s that bad. I am not going to wait until my menu is perfected, my header is redesigned and my About Me is rewritten.

No point.

See ya round kidos.

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