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Happy Ways To Lighten Up this Diwali.

Posted Oct 19 2011 12:00am

Hungry muscles ,rested Gut Will help you say Yes
To GulabJamun ,Gujiya and Payesh
Instead of ducking and muttering err..
Thanks.. But...
Long time back King Rama vanquished Ravana and made a triumphal home coming on Diwali day.Today the festival is about trying to vainly vanquish the looming demons of Excess of various kinds: eating,drinking ,gambling and making ear-splitting racket.First we devote a day to Excess then we chalk out ways to not succumb to Excess -it is a day of Cognitive Dissonance.And this adds to the Stress.
Besides which,we want company,networking bonding,conversations and celebration on Diwali - not a covert battle against mithai ,don't we ? Sure I told you to practice mindfulness last Diwali. And you hated me for that.Mindfulness is useful as long as you actually use it.When you are abuzz,tired and in a whirr -whizz of meeting purported  , some actual friends and in midst of cobbling mutually advantageous alliances cultivating relationships,can you look at the Gulab Jamun in the eye and tell it to fug off ? Or meditate on a Gujiya to decide whether its hunger or a craving? I don't know about you,but I am no saint.
I am sure all of you are full of strategies about which low calorie , sugar free mithai to eat and how to discreetly squeeze the kebabs to remove the oil  and how to eat salads before socializing.We all know that ,we do all that, and still feel dazed,bloated and off-kilter the post Diwali period. For its not just about that day -the aftershocks reverberate right up to the new year.Can we work with our bodies this Diwali ?
  • Instead of practising the tactful and artful no's this festive season, how about saying some full-blooded yeses? Your capacity to eat enjoyably depends on real hunger.And real hunger comes from real hard work,stable blood sugar, and a well functioning stomach. Recall how while Trekking,one can eat and digest any damn thing !
  • Start smart An early tuck in the night before , after a light early dinner.
  •  Start the D- day early, with a clean, rested tummy. Green tea,lots of water.
  • Early,pre-exercise Protein Rich,sugar-free breakfast -a soothing dish of broth and eggs /paneer scramble.
  • Get exercise- anything is better than nothing. Harder is better.Resistance training is Awesome.Makes 'em muscle cells hungry for glucose .
  • Have a second full brunch/breakfast post workout. Carbs only from veggies and fruits. Sugar free again.Rest of the day will have surfeit of carbs and sugar.
  • Won't forget my multivitamin and fish oil.
  • Afternoon nap.
  • Very light,veggie-curd-dal lunch.
  •  Two p.m onwards be on feet. Will energetically spring clean the premises. Kids get no Tee-vee -a list of Diwali household tasks. Visit the Orphanage and share crackers and gifts . Will climb over high walls to do the diyas or lights.Everyone will insist on personally and promptly serving all visitors;carrying empty plates to the kitchen. Will walk around the neighbourhood in the evening to see the lights. Saying Yes made easier. 
  • Before socializing do not  eat something that you hate -have whatever you relish and love.Whatever you eat, include a good measure of Protein with it-that could be your panner makhani or butter chicken ( cooked at home -not mass cooked stuff with imitation ghee). It could be just a glass of full cream milk or Yoghurt and nuts.
  • If it is real,home-made, lovingly made. it is good.
  • If it is bazaar made Mithai-porn -jazzed up,plasticky and in too much make-up say your tactful nos-they are not entirely without use !
  • Instead of Sugar free and low cal , have some thing calorific (preferably home made) or something you absolutely love(like Gujiyas) and enjoy eating that.
  • Now do whatever till the clock strikes midnight :) A healthy eater is the one who can take a day of junk in stride.
  • Next morning ,shift the Breakfast as late as possible. Late afternoon or evening -whenever you feel really hungry. Have Green tea and lot of water,or veggie broth if you must. Give the system a Rest.Skip Exercise in the Morning. Do a long evening walk. Then attend Diwali Milans by the score. On Sunday start smart again. Wishing all of you a safe and happy Diwali !! An Enjoyable Weekend after it. Stay Well !
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