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Happy New Year! The last fitness resolution you’ll need to make!

Posted Jan 01 2013 8:31am

2013 is upon us. Every New Year brings the feeling of being able to start fresh and set new or renew old goals. It’s kind of like September for a teacher. Every September I get excited to get a new group of students and I get excited to put into practice new skills or knowledge I’ve acquired over the summer. This year is the first year that I can honestly say that my new year’s resolution is NOT to “get in shape”. I’m 38 years old and I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time. I am truly pleased with my body for how it looks and more importantly what it is able to do. I am strong & confidant & that is something money can’t buy. Since starting CrossFit in May 2011 and adopting a paleo lifestyle in September 2011, I have literally transformed my life.  I opened up my mind to something that was new and unfamiliar to me and literally contradicted everything I was taught in school about nutrition. When presented with my first paleo challenge, I remember thinking what did I have to lose; the worst thing that could happen is that I go without pasta, bread, and yogurt for a while. So what? I already knew that exercise alone was not cutting it as I was not making any of the body composition goals I had. So I decided to jump in and see what this whole paleo thing was all about.

So what am I asking of you…let me get to the point. I want you to give paleo a try. There I said it! I want you to just try it on for 30 days and see how it fits. I want you to suck it up and not eat grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, & alcohol for 30 days & see how you feel at the end. Seriously what is the worst thing that can happen in 30 days? I promise that it will not be the end of the world to go without those foods for a while. You can always go back to your regular way of eating if you find it just isn’t for you.

The Whole9 is a program that was founded in 2009 by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig. The Whole9 program focuses on “health, fitness, balance and sanity, all built on a foundation of real food and healthy nutritional habits.”

Whole9′s Nutrition in 60 Seconds

We eat real food – meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, healthy oils, nuts and seeds. We choose foods that were raised, fed and grown naturally, and foods that are nutrient-dense, with lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

This is not a “diet” – we eat as much as we need to maintain strength, energy, activity levels and a healthy body weight. We aim for well-balanced nutrition, so we eat animals and a significant amount of plants.

Eating like this has helped us to look, feel, live and perform our best, and reduces our risk for a variety of lifestyle-related diseases and conditions.

To put it bluntly, you will basically be going through a sort of junk food detox. It’s weird to think of food as a drug with addictive properties, but junky carbohydrates (think bread, cakes, pasta, rice, sugar, etc.) have qualities that cause us to crave them and become addicted. Read more about carb addiction here .

There is lots of info on the Whole9 site, but basically all food can be divided into food that adds to your health and food that takes away from your health. For 30 days you are to consume only foods that add to your health thus eliminating things like grains (pasta, rice, bread, cereal, muffins, cakes, cookies, etc.), legumes (all beans like kidney, pinto etc. and peanuts), dairy (milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, ice cream, etc.), alcohol (beer, wine, etc.), & sugar (all added sugar including maple syrup, honey, agave, etc.). Depending on how you are eating now, the first week or so will either be not that big of a deal or filled with cravings. Before my first challenge, I ate very little grains in the form of breads and pasta to begin with. I maybe had a string cheese and some yogurt a few times a week in my lunch. Beans never agreed with me or my kids so that wasn’t hard at all to take away because we never ate them anyway. Interestingly  But after learning about why beans are not the best choice it made sense as to why my body can’t digest them.

Since New Year’s day is here, why not make the commitment to try something new to see if this just might be the way of eating that works for you. If you go to this site you will see that a huge push for a January Whole 30 challenge is underway.


Any information you need to help you is found for free online. I have read Dallas & Melissa’s book It Starts With Food  and it is quite good. However, you do not need to have the book in order to participate in the Whole30 challenge because everything you need is available online for free.

Here are some links to basic information that you may find helpful from the Whole9 site:

Dani and I are both going to start our Whole 30 on Monday January 7, 2013. Will you join us? We picked this day to give you the rest of this week to read up, ask any questions, and get prepared to start on Monday. This also give you the weekend to go grocery shopping to stock up with all appropriate foods and get rid of non-compliant foods.

Dani and I promise to post check-ins to see how you guys are doing and to let you know how we are doing. I know that I definitely indulged way more than I usually do this season and the scale shows it (those damn peanut butter cups !) I am looking forward to dialing in my nutrition again and getting my routine back.

So what do you say? Will you join us in doing a Whole30 challenge? Will you step outside of your comfort zone for 30 days just to see how you feel at the end? Let us know in the comments!


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