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Happy New Year! And What Working Out has to do with Life

Posted Jan 01 2012 2:11pm

Well, here we are POPsters! It’s finally 2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

The gyms are gonna be jam packed this month. People setting new year’s resolutions to lose weight, look better, get fit, get healthy! Good for them. But let’s see who can turn that resolution into a lifestyle and last throughout the rest of the year…and their lives.

Yesterday my sister told me that she had been thinking about muscle building in a very deep way. She was talking about the breakdown and build up of muscle fibers and how that relates to building strength, not just physically but as  a person too. I just want to expand a little on that thought and share with you something that may help you better understand your body and your person.


Every time you exercise, you sweat. You curse. You work so hard and it’s painful. You tear muscle fibers. That’s why the next day you feel sore. You should give the muscles some time off to rest. The healing process is a time to rebuild those broken bonds. So maybe you can’t move for a day. No biggie. The next day you’ve created a bigger muscle that can lift more weight. You’re stronger. Time for a newer, harder workout. You look good.


You’re in a relationship that’s somehow gone wrong. You guys fight. You cry. Your heart is in pain. You guys break up and you BREAK DOWN. You can’t move for a few days. You’re numb with feeling. But nothing some friends, chocolate, and movies can’t help with. Once you find that littlest bit of motivation to get up, you’ll notice that you’ve mended your heart together. You’re a stronger person for it and are ready for the next battles in life. You can face other boyfriends/girlfriends knowing yourself better, knowing what you want, and what works for you. You’re a stronger person and girl, you look GOOD!


What a fabulous metaphor. Thanks to Jackelyn for inspiring this post. With anything in life, if you can get back up from a fall, you are stronger. You must be resilient. That is what makes you powerful and unstoppable.


On a different note, I will be posting weekly challenge videos every Sunday night so that we can all bond as a community on a weekly basis. The 90 Day Challenge is about to come to a close so we need mini things we can do together. Wait for something to come up tonight on BlogilatesTV. I also credit Joan for this idea!


Last day to eneter. I will be picking a winner TONIGHT at 11:59pm PST. All you have to do is:

1. Comment on my post about the contest here .

2. Go to and comment below the bag you want

3. Turn in a burpee world tour video if you want 10 extra entries! (optional of course!) Directions here .

YOUR TURN! How many of you have gotten stronger from a break up? Bullying? “Failing”? Do you think that the emotional pit you fall into is worth the climb up towards a newer, stronger you?

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