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Happy Monday(s)

Posted Feb 14 2011 1:43pm

I have no idea why I have been in such a good mood today but I have.

Perhaps it’s the blue skies and sunshine? tn_valentines 017 Or the fact that my lunch included two of my favourite things: houmous………. tn_valentines 003 [While there are many good reasons to eat vegetables, sometimes the only reason I need is that they are the perfect vehicle for eating houmous.  And anything that gets more houmous into my belly is a good thing!]

……….and chocolate. tn_valentines 008 Crispy crunch, chewy munch indeed!

Or maybe my mood perked up when I saw the first signs of spring poking through the grass? tn_valentines 018 Who knows?

What I do know is that my cheerfulness today certainly had nothing to do with the four hours I spent in meetings, learning that my role is changing at work, or with the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day.  After all, the hubz and I have been together for 13 years (and married for 7) so I think it’s needless to say we don’t really *do* Valentine’s Day any more.  I did still get a card and some chocolates though.  He knows me so well! tn_valentines 020

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