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Happy Memorial Day!

Posted May 31 2010 6:48am

I hope everyone is having/had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  I want to say thank you to all our soldiers, veterans and military families past and present who risk everything to protect our freedoms. Thank you!

I told y’all that Friday we went searching for a boat… well would you believe we looked up two that were listed Friday MORNING, drove straight to see them, and by the time we got there, they had sold? Boats must be in high demand with weather like we’ve had here (beautiful, perfect lake weather).  So the search continues! Until then, the Relaxation Station remains our only lake vessel…

I had a GREAT relaxing weekend.  Although I am not snapping pictures of all my food on weekends right now (would y’all want me to? If so, I might start doing it), I couldn’t help but snap a couple pictures, starting with the delicious burgers we had Saturday evening…

This may not be the perfect picture of health, but calories don’t count on holidays… what? You didn’t know that? ;)

We made our own burgers with 90% lean grass fed beef, with some mixed in grated onion and William Sonoma’s burger spices. They were delicious! Served on a whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and avocado, with a side of Jane Marie’s spinach/arugula potato salad, a Nannie pickle and a Joe’s special margarita! WAHOO! YUM.

We also snacked on my 7 layer Mexican Dip (modified to be healthy!) Here’s the recipe:

Britt’s Mexi Dip

Ingredients (layer from bottom to top)

1 can fat free refried beans

5 oz fat free sour cream

1 pkg guacamole (I LOVE this kind )

1 small can chopped green chiles

fresh chopped green pepper and onions

top with freshly diced tomatoes

sprinkle with fresh-from-the-garden chopped cilantro

Cover and put in fridge. Serve with tortilla chips!

Besides eating, we did a lot of swimming, floating, Wii-ing, hot tubbing, and dancing (yes, we always some how end up in a full blown dance party… usually to 80’s music, by the end of the night).  Hubbs and I were dead set on trying to recreate the dirty dancing scene where Baby runs towards Johnny and he holds her up over his head (C’mon… you know what I’m talking about).  Well, we did pretty good! But I’m paying for it now with bruises on my belly from Hubbs’ thumbs digging in for a good grip. OUCH. :) TMI?

That brings us to this morning.  I’m getting a late start, but better late than never!

Breakfast was scrambled eggs (mostly egg whites- about 2.5 whites with 1/2 yolk… how do I 1/2 a yolk? I split it with Hubbs :) ).  Onions, peppers and Jimmy Dean Turkey sausage scrambled in, too.  I get the turkey sausage links, and only use 1.   I slice the 1 link up, and it goes far! A sausage piece in every bite.  I added some juicy watermelon on the side, along with my coffee and 1 tbsp of International Delight Skinny Vanilla Latte. (note to self… clean Keurig machine… my coffee had a few coffee grounds in it…oops).

On a non-food related note… here’s a garden update! I know you’re dying to hear about my garden ;) First of all, we have the beauties growing in our back yard… have you ever seen a more gorgeous color?

We picked these two and stuck them in a vase inside.  I swear in brightens up the entire room!  Also, I found my first baby bell pepper growing… I can’t explain how excited I am about my pepper! It’s silly, really, but I feel so proud :D

Let’s hope he keeps growing and lots of his buddies grow, too. I <3 green peppers… nom nom nom!

What did you do over the weekend?


Lunch was out today because we were on the other side of town… boat hunting.  We decided to go to Chilis, which I haven’t been to in at least over 5 years.  They’ve changed their Guiltless Grill selections since I’ve been there and I was confused… so I ordered my old favorite… the fajita pita!  I got it made with chicken and subbed broc for fries.

Again… with my love of Mexican flavors.  After seeing how much I post about Mexican food, I’m beginning to wonder if I should seek help ;)

After a bite or two of the pita, I opened it up and just ate the filling out.  It was tasty, but soaked in oil, which I’m not a big fan of.  The broccoli was steamed perfectly, but over salted.  Not the best meal I’ve had lately, but it is meals like this one that inspire me to get to the grocery store and make my own meals at home. So on that note… I’ll be headed to the grocery store shortly :)


Ah… it was a lovely day at the grocery store! But then, what day isn’t? :) I picked up some food for the week (and a few goodies that I’m anxious to try!).  Once back at home, I snacked on some snow peas to finish off the last of my Sabra hummus…

Now I am ready to start on dinner, but Hubbs is busy hogging the kitchen right now. He is brewing his first batch of beer! I’m excited to see how it ends up tasting.  He’s been wanting to do this forever, and now finally has some time to do it!

Looks like it will be a later dinner!


Lucky for my growling stomach, dinner wasn’t too late.  Still, I snacked on a few no-salt pretzels and salsa while I waited for the brew master to finish.  (one pretzel went for a little swim mid-picture)

Any guesses to what we ate? MEXICAN! Obsessed… I know it.  I guess you could say I made fajitas, but instead of a wrap, I turned mine into a salad.

Lettuce shreds, sautéed red peppers and onions, a small piece of chicken, fat free refried beans, fat free sour cream, wholly guacamole, and fresh cilantro.  Does anyone else grow cilantro? I think it has such a delicious, strong, fresh flavor! Yumm yumm yumm!

Topped it all off with salsa and devoured!

I had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and hope you did too! :)

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