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Happy Hump Day! Celebrating National Running Day with Lululemon

Posted Jun 02 2010 7:02pm

Holy hump day humidity! After tonight’s 5 mile run I am absolutely exhausted and still dripping even though I just finished a cold shower. I’m with Jess , cold running is so much better!

Today’s eats were very similar to yesterday’s and equally as enjoyable. My goal for tomorrow is to increase the water consumption EVEN more and enjoy at least one cup of tea during the afternoon slumps.

Breakfast was basic but delicious.

Blog Pictures 2010 201

     Blog Pictures 2010 202 Blog Pictures 2010 203 Blog Pictures 2010 204   Blog Pictures 2010 200

It’s been one month since I unintentionally gave up coffee and I haven’t looked back once! I’ve been enjoying a Venti Iced Unsweetened Green Tea from Starbucks every morning and love the refreshing flavor and energy it gives me.

Lunch was another scrumptious salad though I was a bit disappointed with their romaine today. I prefer green lettuce versus faded white green lettuce. *fail* I think I’m going to go with a healthier salad tomorrow by adding spinach to the mix. Today included sprouts, tomatoes, red onion, shrimp, salt & pepper, carrots, celery, and FF lemon pepper dressing.

Blog Pictures 2010 206

Blog Pictures 2010 207   I saw these crispy treats at Toasties today and thought they may be a good replacement for my normal PopChips. I tried the traditional cheddar flavor as I hoped they’d be the most flavorful. Fail. These tasted like Styrofoam rubbed in artificial cheddar. I don’t think i’ll be buying the Gourmet Basics Smart Fries again. Blog Pictures 2010 209

  Blog Pictures 2010 211 After a long day at work, I couldn’t wait to meet Rebecca at the East 66th Lululemon for a great Wednesday night run. We’d planned to join Jessie and others for the NYRR National Running day event but we realized we had no interest in the drinking/bar or Upper West Side location. Therefore, we stuck with my normal Wednesday routine instead. I was excited to introduce Rebecca to Claire and the rest of the group. We had a blast! Tonight’s workout was as follows: warm up jog from the store to the Central Park transverse, stretching, warm up to the Tavern, 10 minutes out on the bridle path, 1 minutes of squats, 10 minutes back on the bridle path, 1 minute squats, 8 minutes out on bridle path, 1 minute pushups, 8 minutes back on bridle path, 1 minute pushups, cool down jog back to the store for…..NATIONAL RUNNING DAY CELEBRATION!

Blog Pictures 2010 212 You know you’re at a Lululemon party due to all the ridiculously bright colors!! :) Girls enjoying some of the healthy treats including grapes, strawberry, hummus and veggies, and Vita Coco!  Blog Pictures 2010 213   Below are two hot and sweaty messes! Rebecca and I were drenched by the end of the run due to the humidity. I can’t imagine summer running with out my luon tee and tanks!

Blog Pictures 2010 215

. When I got home I was clearly dehydrated because all I wanted was fruit. I knew I needed some protein for staying power so I enjoyed a Chobani 0%, blueberries, and some Galaxy Granola. It was delicious, cool, refreshing, and health

  Blog Pictures 2010 217 Blog Pictures 2010 218 Blog Pictures 2010 219

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