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Happy Halloween, Healthy Halloween???

Posted Oct 30 2010 11:33am
I am feeling super inspired today.  I love being a healthy, vegetarian runner in a cool running town!  This morning I coached my running group through a great 9.5 mile run, with a few spicy hills tossed in for good measure.  The weather was just about perfect; a crisp 45 degrees to start, then the sun came out with just a mild breeze.  After finishing our run, I led us through some cool down stretches, then I went off to my local farmer's market. 

Dressed up for Halloween!
At the Sustainable Food Center's Farmer's Market at Sunset Valle y, there are a few things I always buy:  milk from "Way Back When" dairy, whatever fruit is in season from several different farmers, and at least 2 -3 different types of vegetables from several different farmers.  The items I get every other week or so are goat cheese from Swede Farm , several different types of cow's cheese from Brazos Valley Cheese , and eggs (I rotate between Richardson Farm , Flintrock Hill Farm, and Hairston Creek Farm).  Remember, my husband and I are lacto-ovo vegetarian, not vegan.  We may make the switch eventually, but as long as I know the animals are being treated right and raised properly, I'm still o.k. with eating dairy and eggs.  

Now, you are probably wondering "Is that why she is feeling so inspired?"  Actually, no.  Just a little while ago I was going through email when I saw this video that one of my colleagues posted:  

What did you think?  WOW, was what I thought!  Where are these kids and where is this teacher?  Can I get them to come here and teach our kids to give up there Halloween candy for FRUITS and VEGETABLES??  I thought this video was awesome!  Not only are they eating healthy foods in place of candy, they are getting exercise and learning how to cook in the process!  This is pure genius.  
I hope you enjoyed the video, and are feeling just as inspired as I did!  Have a Happy, HEALTHY, Halloween!  Oh, and please go to my website and take my survey !  ;-)
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