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Happy Goal Setting!

Posted Mar 22 2011 12:39am

I’ve touched on goal setting a little bit in the past, but I thought I would bring it up again because I had an amazing night at the lemon (aka lululemon ) tonight.

We started a somewhat of a goal coaching ‘club’ I guess you could say that meets once a month. Basically what we do is talk about, as you guessed it, goals (what they are, your intention, when you want to achieve them etc.). I love doing this because it really allows you to see your goals, and even people, from a new perspective.

After meeting with the lulu crew tonight, I was inspired to share the process of goal setting with all of you!

So what really is a goal anyway?

According to the lululemon website, “A goal is a written statement with a deadline (or “by when”, as we call them here at lululemon). A goal inspires you to do the work and are to create what does not already exist. Your goals should excite and even scare you.” Goal setting promotes you to be your best self, and inspires you to follow your dreams.

Here are some specifics that you should keep in mind while creating goals:

1. They should always be written in present tense, as is you are currently living your goal (ex: I will _____ by ____.)

2. Your goals should be specific.

3. Your goals should be measurable, and realistic!

Get Started

Goal setting is so powerful. It’s amazing what can manifest itself when you have a clear sense of what you want and how you want to achieve it. To get started here’s a sample of a goal setting worksheet:

It’s not the end!

Remember that your goals are always going to change and evolve with time–and that is more than ok! To see a list of my goals, click here (looking back, I see that I already need to make some adjustments to the goal list ;) ) Happy goal setting!

What are some of your goals and aspirations?

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