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Happy Earth Day to You!

Posted Apr 22 2009 12:00am

In honour of Earth Day I decided to start this post with a picture I took from my place in Victoria (Vancouver Island, Canada). This shot will always remind me of how absolutely spectacular our planet is and how much we need to take care of it! :o)

And now for the eats . . . I realize I have not updated you on This Week's Grocery Haul:

Pretty decent looking haul, huh!? :o) I didn't overdo it because I'm heading away on a work trip soon. And I know when I'm not around, the boy will mostly eat out.

You want to hear what's not so cool about this haul? TOTAL: $64 (and change)! Is it just me or doesn't that seem like a lot for that haul? I was very unimpressed. Except for the Almond Breeze, none of my usual goodies were on sale. Boo-urns!

But enough about that - let's move on to yesterday's eats!

In the morning I decided to start my day with something other than my usual Green Monster! Gasp! :oO Breakie was a WW wrap with a smear of Rocky Mountain honey and some almond butter

I then followed this up with NO morning snack. Man was I crazy hungry by the time lunch came around! In fact I think I even heard my stomach growl!!! It was okay though because for lunch the entire office was heading out to a local restaurant. The occasion? Administrative Professionals Day!

For my entree I thought I would order another Caesar salad. This time I was wiser and asked for my dressing on the side
Confession time - I was so hungry and gobbled this up so quickly, you'd think it was the last meal of a condemned man! lol :oP

Overall? Not bad but the weekend one was yummier.

Next came my main meal - a sort of Spanish seafood stew

Frankly I was just so delighted that my little Rocky Mountain town offered something this ethnic. That alone made me a happy girl! :o)

For dinner, it was the fiance's turn to take care of dinner. He was in a rush so instead of cooking he decided we should go out to dinner. Since it was his turn to pick we ended up at a Chinese buffet. Oh bloggies . . . big mistake!

I've eaten in this place before and I always have a hard time finding something to eat. I won't eat any of their meats or seafood because they're inevitably deep-fried or covered in some radioactive sauce. Yesterday was no different so I hit the buffet and sat back down with a plate of mostly non-meat dishes

Oh amigos it was terrible!!!! It mostly tasted like it had been lathered up with pork fat and I wasn't loving it. I ended up eating only the broccoli and tomatoes. Even that wasn't good.

My stomach didn't love the meal either. In fact more than 24 hours later I still feel ill in my belly! Boo!

When we got back home I decided I was still hungry so I busted out my favourite kind of ZonePerfect Bar. And look who happened to sneak in the picture? lol

Thankfully the fiance provided a happy (and funny :oP) ending to a not so happy dining experience.

And that's all she ate on Tuesday bloggies . . . I'll be back tomorrow with more updates!

Sleep tight! :o)
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