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Happy August!

Posted Aug 01 2012 4:45pm

Summer, I wish you would stick around forever!

One thing that I have noticed is that Mother Nature hasn’t wasted any time on the allergy front. July 30th came around and she was like BLAM, ragweed season. I went from being totally fine without any of my meds to waking up daily with a very raw throat and stuffy nose. Pill-popping, nose-spraying, eye-dropping and inhaler-inhaling.. have commenced! I deal with (TMI) major mucus throat while running during these months, so I have to make an extra effort to stay compliant with my meds and get up and on the road as early as possible. When I don’t, I mega-struggle.

Moving on to more important things.

I mentioned on Monday that I had taken a trip to Lululemon, so here are the new purchases!

Run: Sun Sprinter Crop


These are my first pair of coloured Lulu crops! I started small (with the navy blue), but maybe one day I will brave the super bright colours! I originally went with the intention of picking up some shorts, but I came to the conclusion that I don’t really enjoy the way running shorts look on me, so I went with these crops instead. They are specifically built for running in the sun!

I also picked up this super cute tank top that I had been eyeing for a while. It was the last one in this colour and it was my size! We all know this meant it was fate and I had no choice but to buy it. Turns out, I think I was wrong…

Optimal Tank in Ray


I wore this tank yesterday for my run and I totally loved it. I picked it up this morning after hanging it up to dry last night post-run, only to find the sweat stains remained! Isn’t that weird? My sweat totally discoloured the fabric.

See? Right under the boob line?


I took lots of pictures to send to Lululemon in case it doesn’t wash out, but I REALLY hope it does because I loved this tank, especially in this specific colour! First world problems, I know.

I finally finished tweaking my training schedule up until the half marathon. This week and last week have been a bit out of whack (training wise) due to visitors and trips out of town, but next week I should be right on track. I tried to predict any conflicts with my training/events and plan accordingly. The basis of the running portion is from a Runner’s World Smart Coach plan (though I hear they aren’t all that smart…), and I tweaked it according to my experience and my comfort level. I increased my mileage a bit faster, and added a fourth running day. My plan also includes strength training workouts from James Wilson. The last three weeks of my plan are also a bit different– for those 3 weeks leading up to my race, I revert back from a 4-day split to 4 days of full body training. These workouts aren’t as intense, they are higher in reps, and 2/4 of the weekly workouts are single-joint (small muscle groups) only, so they are pretty laid back (in comparison to the others anyway!). I do those workouts for 2 weeks and then the final week before race day, I won’t be doing any strength training at all, to allow for muscle repair. I think I really benefited from this while training for Vancouver.

I’m going to continue to make sure I am eating enough and drinking enough water. I also plan to foam roll after EVERY RUN. Someone hold me to that….

Click the calendars to enlarge!

Please remember that I designed this plan myself, for myself. It is based on my ability and experience, and I do not necessarily recommend it for you, too. I am however, happy to help others with their training plans, too!  Just send me an e-mail if you want some assistance.

Well! There you have it. Wish me luck!


Have you ever had any trouble with your Lululemon?

I have once before! The colours leaked into each other (just from sweat!) and I had to return the shirt, tear.

Are you training hard for any big events this Fall?





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