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Happy Ass Day!

Posted Feb 14 2011 11:27am
Sugar Day:
So today is the day that pretty much goes against everything that is Pro Healthy Ass - so just embrace it for the day.

Have the kisses, have the chocolate cake, have the six glasses of wine and go to bed late after doing whatever you do to make Valentines seem less hollow and a faux holiday put on to sell more sweets ; )

Tomorrow Is A New Day:

So embrace tomorrow because tomorrow is Happy Ass Day!

That's right it's the day you say sorry to your ass for taking advantage of it and abusing it on a pretty continuous basis.

More to the point let's extend this special day to your liver - It's a Happy Ass slash Liver Day!

How To Celebrate Happy Ass/Liver Day!

  • Hide the chocolate
  • Get up with enough time so that you can do something that makes you sweat before you eat breakfast
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat a breakfast that doesn't come out of a box or has added sugar
  • Eat whole real foods
  • Eat less - have 2 meals instead of 3
  • Don't eat after 7pm
  • Your liver works hard everyday for nothing. No how are you? No pat on the back. In fact to congratulate yourself you usually punish your liver with: alcohol, sugar, processed junk and no rest. I've done something fabulous I should eat selfish liver abuser...not thinking of your whole body. 
    tsk tsk. Think of your liver and its needs and wants.

    Your liver does a lot, it keeps you from dying, it cleans everything, it produces hormones and gets must needed nutrients to all the parts of your body. Not enough to reward it? It also will keep you looking younger and feeling sexier if you feed it what it needs.

    If you don't want to cut things out then Eat Less. Eating a little bit less gives your liver a break, some off time to detox and deal with some of the stuff it can't get to because it's always digesting food.

    Remember most of us tend  to feed our minds. Our mind says cake so we eat it. Unfortunately our mind is just one part of our whole and the rest of it doesn't really like cake. So be considerate when you eat and think of your whole body - not just your bossy, demanding mind.

    P.S For Awesome Gut related T's like the cute I Liver You logo check out

    Have a Happy Ass/Liver Day!


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