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Happiness Is Your Choice

Posted Nov 19 2012 6:29am

Yesterday I think an alien took over my body.  I woke up and for the first time in probably 1 year, I did not want oatmeal for breakfast.


I don’t know what my deal was!! But, I wanted a veggie burger for breakfast.  So at 7am, I had a veggie burger.  And it was delicious.

Later in the afternoon my workout mojo returned (I’ve been in a workout slump all week) and so I youtubed an insanity workout, jogged 2 miles on the treadmill and did a little yoga.  Felt good to sweat again!

All in all it was a pretty low key day, and I was wondering this morning what I could blog about since I know you’re not interested in hearing about how I cleaned my toilet and shower, whitened my teeth, and watched He’s Just Not That Into You.

This morning, I opened my daily devotional to read today’s message.  My future mother-in-law gave me this book for Christmas last year, and while I don’t read it every single day, I try to read a few days a week and the message always makes me smile.

Today’s message is something I totally clicked with, so I thought I would share it!  Happiness is your choice…

The book says you don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect to be happy.

I COMPLETELY understand the meaning of this because I feel like so often, I look to the future to find my happiness.  I think to myself, “as soon as this rotation is over I will be happier.”  Or “when this exam is over I can do the things I love”.  Or “when I’m a resident I can start to live life”.  I’m constantly pushing things into the future in order to slug through the difficulties of today.  Is that wasting my happiness?  Maybe!  I try to remind myself to find the joy in each day, even if the day is spent studying or doing something I don’t want to do.  If we keep looking to tomorrow to find happiness, we will miss our own lives!

Great message.

In other news, I took a career aptitude test to see which medical specialty I would fit into.  I don’t have to officially decide which specialty I will choose until this summer, but I need to start to have a pretty good idea.

For the longest time (since high school) I’ve wanted to be an ophthalmologist.  An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor (different from an optometrist which is not an M.D.).  There are SO many things I love about this specialty.  It is a surgical specialty which I love- I don’t think I could be in a non-surgical field.  You have continuity with patients- something I quickly learned I valued during my internal medicine rotation .  Ophthalmologists can make a huge difference in someone’s life very quickly- think of a 10 minute cataract surgery for someone who has been without vision for 10 or more years.  There are complex medical issues and problems to solve.  AND, ophthalmologists can help patients needing health and nutrition guidance which is something I love talking about.  Diabetes is the LEADING CAUSE of blindness in the US.  I think with my love for nutrition and fitness, I would be a great advocate for diabetic patients to jump on the healthy train and save their vision.

I’ve taken this same aptitude test before, although last time my number one score was pediatrics!  (Which is super funny because I have ZERO interest in peds).  Now I score highest in plastics?  Weird!  But each time I’ve taken this, ophtho has been #2 which I think is a good sign.  It’s such a subjective test anyways, and I’m starting to know which questions I should answer yes or no to get the specialty I want- Answer ‘yes’ to the questions “Do you like technology?” “Do you like gadgets?” to get ophthalmology.  Answer ‘no’ to the questions, “I want to be involved in every aspect of my patient’s care” and “I like all fields of medicine” to avoid getting family practice.

So I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I’ll take it.  My interests could very well change in the next few months and maybe I’ll end up becoming a pediatric endocrinologist- who knows!!  But today, I think I’m interested in ophthalmology the most.


Have a wonderful Monday friends!! What are you going to do to choose happiness today?

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