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Posted Nov 05 2012 7:00am

So I think I’ve concluded that I’m the most boring person ever. I’ve done nothing exciting lately, giving me nothing to post about, and also nothing to think about. They changed the parking meters at school, and now instead of paying by space, you pay by license plate. I actually had a dream that I forgot my license plate number and got a ticket. That’s how boring my life’s gotten, I’m dreaming about parking.

I’ve been threatening to wear yoga pants to work for years, but I never did it. So for Halloween I took full advantage of my only legitimate excuse to wear workout clothes to work. I threw on my Warrior Dash medal, and called myself an athlete. I was so comfortable all day long and it was wonderful.


That said, wearing comfortable pants to work on a day the encourages mass candy consumption may have been a mistake. We won’t talk about what happened next. Or you know, every day since.

It’s become a bit of a problem.


My parents have decided they don’t want to move all their furniture, so they’re selling it on Craigslist. Every day I come over and find another piece of furniture gone. They no longer own a single coffee or end table, and the other day they got rid of the living room couch. Everything else they’re putting in storage. The house is half empty and they don’t move until December. This of course means my mom is forcing me to take all my crap home regardless of whether or not I have a place to put it. But on the plus side, she’s also sent me home with a bunch of classic old pictures. Like this one from when I was 16.


Don’t I look like fun? My poor parents.

I’m pretty convinced that this cute face is really just a defense mechanism.


That sweet looking dog actually yanked my pants down the other day and exposed my ass to the entire neighbourhood. These things don’t happen in real life unless you’re me. It’s kind of a long story (or at least it is the way I tell it), so I’ll just say it involved the beagle next door, and it’s irresponsible owner. There was a run in, I picked up Lexie, she shoved my pants down, everyone saw my ass, and I yelled at the neighbour. If I wasn’t convinced before that it’s time to move, now I don’t have much choice.

All I can say about that, is thank god for wine and bubble baths. They may be the only thing saving my sanity right now.


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