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Hanging out with the Wrong Crowd

Posted Mar 26 2009 3:41pm
European Starling - Sternus vulgaris

Starlings, Blackbirds, Cowbirds, Crows...

Messy, noisy, bullying thieves...

Intelligent, adaptable, gregarious, communal...

These "bad birds" have their own unique beauty and are here to stay.

Click image to view in large. Thanks Denise for permission to post

Denise at An English Girl Rambles posted this wonderful photo of the feeders in her yard and added the Oscar Wilde quote. Oscar Wilde ran with the wrong crowd himself, but his intelligence and wit was exceptional making him a hugely popular playwright, poet and novelist in Victorian England.

Denise, you need to market this picture. It would make a great greeting card or poster.

Even if we didn't hang out with the bad crowd when we were younger, we always talked about them and watched them with a mixture of admiration, fear and disgust.

Which crowd do you fit in with? Those pesky blackbirds or the lovely songbirds?
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