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Handling Life

Posted Dec 17 2012 10:56am

children I will get back to blogging about cellular memory next week. Today my heart is broken on so many levels. As a mother, as the wife of a teacher and mother of a future teacher, future mother-in-law of a behavioral therapist, as a citizen of this country, as a child of God and as a human being. The horrendous massacre in the elementary school in Newtown is still in the realm of the unbelievable. As horrible as this type of thing is in a high school, it is multiplied when perpetrated on innocent young children.

I know this will cause another volley of gun control articles and speeches. Honestly, I feel the focus is misdirected. The perpetrators of some of the most notorious school shootings in the world were on antidepressants but I don’t see that fact highlighted because those drugs are among the most prescribed and the biggest money-makers. Currently, 1.5 million children are on antidepressant medications!

Certain parent’s rights groups have been calling for exploration into the link between these drugs, their well-known side-effects that cause violent, aggressive behavior and school shootings. And I fully support that. In fact, since 1988 when Prozac hit the market, these violent shootings, in schools and other places, have increased greatly. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

I had a lady who was dealing with some serious family issues ask me if I thought she should take the anti-depressants her doctor prescribed when she shared what was happening in her life. My answer to her was – will it change the situation? I believe the prior posts about cellular memory provide a safer, more effective way to deal with emotional problems.

Getting back, briefly to gun control, my belief is there is a HUGE difference between second amendment rights, defending yourself and your family and senseless violence. I saw this article on Natural News this morning sharing the words of probably the most well-known peace activist in history.

I believe we need to get back to basics – teaching and modeling real faith, especially for our children; sharing that even though life isn’t always easy, God put each of us here right now for a purpose; that love is the most powerful force on the earth simply because He IS Love. If we seek Him and ask in faith, He will show us a better way. Scripture tells us these are perilous times. But He is still on the throne.

When did we forget how to deal with life?

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