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Handle Your Dell Vostro 1015 Adapter Well to Maintain Optimal Performance

Posted Jul 16 2013 3:21am

Do you know that how good or bad you treat your  Dell Vostro 1015 adapter  depicts how long it will serve you well? If you leave your adapter plugged on AC charge for hours every day, or expose it to harsh environmental elements such as direct sunshine or water, when using it, or during storage, you can degrade it significantly, and lower its lifespan as a result. If you want your Vostro 1015 adapter to last long and save money in the end, make sure you do the following:


Usage Habits

First, revise your usage habits. After you have charged the battery in 1015 Dell laptops, remove your Dell Vostro 1015 adapter from the power outlet, to maintain optimal performance. If you maintain a constant flow of electricity through the adapter, even when you do not have to, any sudden influx can short-circuit, and damage a component that is irreplaceable. Unplug and store in a safe place.



Dell Vostro 1015 charger  has two main components: wires and the charging brick. Wires are fragile, but commonly abused by many users, knowingly or unknowingly. To keep your Dell Vostro 1015 charger working optimally, make sure that you take care of its wires. Although they are elastic and can stretch to some extent, never stretch your adapter's wires past their breaking point. You will damage your Dell adapter and end up spending a couple of dollars on a new one, to resume normal function.


Always check the location of your adapter's wires when charging your battery, or powering your laptop directly. Placing heavy furniture accidentally over the wire can damage the circuit and render the Dell adapter useless. Finally, never drop the charging brick (transformer) of your  Vostro 1015 battery  on a hard surface such as the floor, etc. The plastic casing of the brick can crack on impact, and cause problems during usage. Mechanical components that convert Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC) can also malfunction, damage your laptop, and even cause fire hazards during usage. Handle your Dell Vostro 1015 charger with caution, if you want it to last long.



Storage should be of primary concern, if you want to keep your Dell Vostro 1015 adapter working perfectly for long. Many at times, individuals who have charged their laptop batteries to capacity bundle their chargers into a ball and stash it in a drawer, cupboard, or compartment of their laptop bag. Even though this seems convenient, especially if you do not have the liberty of time, it has serious consequences. First, coiling your adapter into sharp turns can easily break the wires and cause irreparable damage. Fold the adapter into large turns during storage, for best results.


Another mistake that many individuals do when storing their  Dell adapter  is leaving them in environments exposed to harsh elements such as water and direct sunlight. Avoid this at all costs, if you want your Dell Vostro 1015 adapter to work well for long. Excess heat will damage the internal components of your adapter's charging block. Water will shoot electrical wires, and damage your adapter permanently. A cool and dry place is best, for storing your Dell Vostro 1015 adapter.


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