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Halloweenie Spoils of Victory

Posted Jan 23 2011 12:25am

29 Oct

Clearly my pumpkin is on the left…

Last night the boy (as in live in bf) and I hit the gym for some Halloween Spin Trivia. Our instructor picked holiday-themed songs and awarded everyone with candy for guessing the correct artist as the workout progressed. We also had spin-offs, which are 10 second competitions to see who is fastest. The winner got more candy! Not to toot my own horn, but I kicked the boy’s booty. While this seems counterproductive for those trying to keep candy at bay during this time of year, I actually lucked out with this giveaway due to my Halloween candy plan of attack.

When I know a holiday, aka special treats, are around the corner, I try to plan when I will allow myself a moderate splurge. I find that planning eliminates a lot of my food guilt. If I’m on track with healthy eating and activity for the week, then it seems reasonable to have a little somethin’ somethin’.

For Halloween my plan was to ban candy from the home, easier to do if you’re not expecting any trick or treaters like us, and allow myself a few bites on H-ween weekend. However, I have another person to consider, who likes candy, and I cannot entirely blame him. So, we made an agreement: no candy in the home until the weekend of Halloween. Our little spinning prizes killed three birds with one stone! You see being choc-a-holics, we couldn’t agree on what type of candy to bring home this weekend. Now we have a variety of treats. A small collection of treats. And we don’t have to spend money on candy!

Spoils of our victory! Now residing in our freezer for the impending weekend.

What are your healthy eating plans for the weekend? Pumpkin seeds? Sweet cinnamon popcorn? A few noms of candy?

Happy Halloween Season!
Miss M

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