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Halloween Weekend recap

Posted Oct 30 2011 11:10pm
Hey folks! Did you catch the guest post from my oh-so-sarcastic husband? What a way to kick off a weekend, right?

And speaking of weekend, I hit 38weeks on Friday. Don't let my smile fool you, I'm not having fun anymore. This kid loves situating himself on my bladder which forces me to dash to the bathroom every 2.5 seconds. And the constant pressure I'm feeling down there is no joke.

Good thing I only have less than two weeks left to survive because I'm ready to meet my hyperactive child and reclaim my body.

 Anyway, this weekend commenced my last date night for awhile with this hunk of a hottie

We celebrated our last weekend together as just a twosome by trying out a new-to-us Italian restaurant (nothing worth writing about) and then hit up the downtown Fayetteville area for the 2nd Annual Zombie walk which we had a blasty blast at.


When we got there, we were greeted by a ton of spectators and a flash mob to Thriller. Surprise, surprise, when is there NOT a flash mob to thriller when Halloween is involved?

Oh and duh, zombies galore.  

I loved how everyone played their zombie parts so well and even after the walk was over, they stayed in character and shuffled around like how a real zombie would.

You know, if zombies were real and all.

During the walk they had several bands playing halloween hits such as the Army's notable Brass Brigade band and a Misfit cover band. Both bands rocked by the way.

There were also showings of the original Night of the Living Dead at our favorite theater, a random street play, zombie belly dancers...

...and this crazy dude.

He actually "walked" several blocks while contorted like that. That's some real talent right thurr.

Later, we ran into a few of the husband's co-workers dressed as zombies from Epic Meal Time, a show the hunk is obsessed with. Which actually is kind of ironic considering his effete appetite.

And if you don't know what Epic Meal Time is, I'm warning you not to click the link I provided.

Of course, we didn't stay out too late that night because the next morning we had to be up early to say goodbye once again.  The hunk is officially off to Army Ranger school and if all goes well, he won't be back till Christmas.

While I'm thankful he gets to come home for the holiday, I can't help but feel a little sad he's gone. Communication is practically non-existent during Ranger school, it's not like being deployed where he can call, email or skype with me when he wants. He gets one phone call after each phase and our only other communication will be through snail mail which is a rare opportunity for the men to begin with. I realized that when he's home, I tend to take for granted the ability to see and talk to him so now that he's gone and I know I won't be hearing from him for awhile, I miss him already and so much more than I normally would.

Don't get me wrong, though. I know these next few months won't be so bad. I'll be busy with my family, trying to figure out a newborn, and Christmas will be here before I know it. And even if something happens and he doesn't make it through, I'm beyond proud that he was given the opportunity to go. The time and distance apart will still be all worth it.

Plus, when he meets his son for the first time, the moment will only be that much sweeter :)

Anyway, I didn't sit around feeling sorry for myself after we parted ways. I met up with a few friends at the gym, where one impressed me with her killer core skills. Do you realize how hard it is to stand on a stability ball AND do squats?

Yup. I seriously love how badass my friends are. And I can't wait till I can attempt the same without fear of landing on my belly.

As for the rest of the weekend? I spent it relaxing, cooking and enjoying this beautiful fall weather. No crazy halloween parties for this knocked up chick. Last year's fun was enough celebration to get me through this year.

I hope everyone else had a great time celebrating All Hallow's Eve!
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