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Halloween's over, bring on Christmas!

Posted Nov 01 2009 10:01pm
Yup, now that Halloween is done, I'm ready for Christmas! Bring it on! Although it's fun, Halloween seems like that last roadblock before it's safe to start thinking about, and looking forward to, Christmas. I've already got about 25% of my gifts purchased and am planning to bring out the decorations shortly. (Yes, I'm an early decorator all thanks to my mom who always decorated in early November - so if you wanna judge me, make fun of me or mock me, blame it on her!)

Anyhow, Halloween was a pretty good one this year. Our usual tradition is to head over to my sister's house, trick or treat with her kids and then have dinner afterwards. We, of course, were really looking forward to it this year because it was Marcus' first Halloween. And although we've already been to a few Halloween parties and things this year, last night was the main event!

Marcus started the night out sporting his holiday-appropriate jammies and bib...

But we quickly moved on to the good ol' hot dog costume. Thank goodness Halloween finally came because he has almost outgrown the outfit! I only bought it three weeks ago, but seriously, that kid was one stuffed hot dog! We took him out trick-or-treating around my sister's neighbourhood and had a fantastic time. I can only imagine how much fun it will be when he's old enough to actually understand how rad it is to get free candy.

A quick note on the hot dog costume...let me tell you, it is extremely tough to find cool costumes for infants - especially here in Vancouver. So, after a quick search online we narrowed it down to a few costumes from Target in nearby Washington. Nice and cozy, easy to wear and just so darn cute, the hot dog was the obvious choice. And clearly, Hot Dog Marcus has some kindred spirits out there - check out Hot Dog Norah at Jess' blog.

Now aren't they just the cutest little Hallo-weinies!
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