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Halloween Party 2012

Posted Oct 29 2012 8:19am

Saturday night was our annual Halloween party.

Danny and I dressed up as a taco and Taco Bell hot sauce (which is pretty funny if you’ve actually seen the taco bell hot sauce before).

I saw the hot sauce costume on Pinterest. It was actually a group of girls and each one was a different sauce – fire, hot, mild, etc. I thought it was such a cute idea and just had to make it.

Since I was Taco Bell fire sauce, we decided that it made perfect sense for Danny to be a taco. :)

I made the costume by cutting up a men’s red t-shirt and lacing up the sides of it with ribbon. I can’t sew to save my life, so it was quite the project for me. I made the top a little to big on accident, so I used the double-sided fashion tape to make sure that it stayed up during the night.

Everyone had awesome costumes. My dad’s was by far the most creepy.

He was the walking dead, and did an awesome job on his make-up. It creeped me out.

My step-mom was an 80′s girl.

Paul and Crystal also ended up being the walking dead (aka zombies), so it was pretty funny to see the three of them together.

Marlene and my grandpa were LMFAO and Where’s Waldo. Don’t they look so cute?

Brad and Katie, who hosted the party, were Dexter and his murder victim. If you’ve never seen Dexter, it’s a tv show on Showtime. Danny and I don’t watch it but my family is really into it.

They even made a Dexter “kill room” in their house, which was so creepy.

My dad’s friends came as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The girls:

The party was so much fun, and there was lots of cool food and drinks.

And it can’t be a party without a little dancing.

Danny was a dancing fool, and it was quite entertaining. I’m pretty sure at one point, him and Marlene even had a dance off.

By the end of the night, we kind of mixed costumes up.

A few other pics from the night:

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The winner of the thinkThin giveaway will be announced later today!

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