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Halfway Through The Month – Maintaining Motivation

Posted Jan 18 2013 12:00am

We are a little bit past the halfway mark of the month.  This is always the time that I start running out of steam.  I felt that steam escaping on Wednesday.  My day was far too booked, a few things did not go as planned, and I felt like I was chasing the entire day.  When I got home I spent some time meditating to try to get said steam back.

But Wednesday night I started to feel sick again, just a bit, but enough.  Just before 4am on (technically) Thursday morning I emailed my boss and told her I wasn’t coming in.  Yup, yet another sick day off of school and work.  MAN I hate taking a day off.  It makes me feel behind and often more stressed.  But this time instead of pushing through I’m taking rest time as needed.  I spent the entire day in my pj’s and on the couch reading my textbooks.

Good decision, because now I’m feeling better again.  I was told it could take up to eight weeks to really get over this.

Okay so aside from Thursday, this week was great.  Let’s catch up.

I got a tonne of workouts in.  Monday was the treadmill and rowing machine (my fav), Wednesday – shoulders and arms, and this morning I got up at the crack of dawn for some more cardio.

And I’ve been pretty darn good with my food.  I brought back one of my favourite breakfasts.  This is a oatmeal pancake with pumpkin and cocoa powder.  (Check out the recipe here , I just added one tablespoon of cocoa powder to the mix.)

Now the BEST news to share with you is that I did in fact show up at my running group on Tuesday morning.  As much as I wanted to skip it because running isn’t my strong suit, and as much as I wanted to bail after the subway went down and I was super late getting there, I went anyways.  The group was all advanced runners and I was the only beginner.  But no matter, I got my plan for the week and hit the track.  For week one I did 7 laps alternating running and walking.

Last but not least I wanted to share with you an invite that I received yesterday.  The Healthy Curators invited me to Detox 101 with Joyous Health.

On January 23rd at CSI Annex (on Bathurst street) they will be offering a lesson in detoxing the mind, body and soul with Joy McCarthy.  If you want to join me you can buy tickets here .

How are you going to stay motivated through to the end of the month?

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